The ArchAngels

The word Angel means messenger of God

Angels are beings of love light and service some take on forms to comfort us others will shower sparkles of light. Many are neither male or female while others take on a defined male or female energy.

There are 15 Archangels they each work in service specialising in certain fields.

The Angels are unlimited and unrestrained by time and space allowing them to have a unique and individual experience with each of us.

They welcome our words and thoughts serving only our highest good

The respect our free will and wait till asked to intervene, they welcome our thoughts and contact with them

This brief introduction serves to introduce you to these divine beings and their scope of practise.  The more we work with these divine beings the more intense our experiences will be with them.

For me I find when the Archangels draw close the air pressure changes, and there is often a fullness or popping sensation in my ears. The Archangels are large beings of light often 10 to 16 foot in hieght, more often than phsycial form I tend to see colour and sparkling as remember they are beings of light.

ArchAngel Michael

"he who looks like god"


The Angel of protection

Colour: purple to cobalt blue that sparkles

Crystal: Sugalite

Archangel Michael comes to us with love power and strength, with his unwavering faith he clears away fears and blockages that stop us enjoying life and developing spiritually.

Michael comes with a warm strong comforting feeling.

He will often work with us gently while we sleep.

Ask him to take your worries and fears away

Archangel Michael's clears and shields our energy fields against lower energies


Archangel Raphael

"god heals"


The healing angel

Colour: emerald green that sparkles

Crystal: emerald and malachite

Archangel Raphael is heavens Physician and Surgeon,he releases the darkness and fear.

Raphael helps us keep our bodies healthy, by prescribing preventive and curative medicine.

He loving guides us with hunches on seeking treatment and finding Doctors to help us for our greatest good.

Archangel Raphael comes with a gentle warming energy that uplifts

The following is a short transcript from Doreen Virtue's book, Doreen is in my opinion the worlds leading Angelic worker

The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael

by Doreen Virtue

(excerpted from her new book, “The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael”

 Archangel Raphael’s chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. He uses a variety of methods, including direct intervention, where he miraculously and instantly heals ailments; and guidance, where he directs the person toward the best avenues to health.

 After reading and hearing thousands of case studies, I believe that God and Raphael choose the best avenues and methods for healing each particular condition. I also believe that there’s a Divine order behind every situation, even if our human minds can’t completely comprehend the whys and hows.

 Mostly, human free will is the catalyst and the culprit within each health situation. God and the angels can’t interfere with our freewill choices. They must wait until we freely ask for help before they can intervene.

 When you ask for help, don’t tell God and the angels how to go about it. That’s called “outlining,” and it blocks or slows the answer to your prayers. When you outline, you may overlook the answer because you’re focused on other expectations. Let Heaven lead the way with solutions that exceed human imagination and expectations.

 Archangel Raphael responds to all prayers, including those made on behalf of other people. If the ill person accepts his help, the combination of more than one person’s prayers is very powerful.

 Although the archangel can’t impose his help upon an ill individual who doesn’t want spiritual assistance, you can request that he be with another person—and his very presence has a healing effect.

 When you ask Archangel Raphael for a healing, he immediately goes into action on your behalf. His treatment methods are custom-tailored to each person’s situation and needs. Sometimes he performs direct intervention; and the person will feel strong tingling sensations, followed by a complete and instant healing. Other times Raphael will guide the person to the appropriate healing professional.

 Archangel Raphael always says yes to every prayer, affirmation, visualisation, letter, or other forms of calling for his help. Whether someone prays on your behalf or you talk to him yourself, trust that Raphael will help you with your health.

 It doesn’t matter how you pray, as long as you do pray. Be sure that you truly want a healing. Although it sounds illogical, some people unconsciously block them because deep down, they fear wellness. The reasons include: not wanting to lose “secondary-gain elements” associated with illness, such as receiving sympathy or disability payments; feeling undeserving of Heaven’s help; and fear of taking responsibility for their health.

 As with everything else involved with your well-being, you can ask God and the angels to heal any fears that could possibly block a healing:

 “Dear God and Archangel Raphael, I want to want a healing. I now fully open my heart and mind to you, and ask that you release any known or unknown fears about being healthy. I fully desire with my free will to be open to receiving your healing miracles.”

 Once you’re 100 percent willing and ready to receive a healing, all you need to do is ask for help.The way in which you ask Archangel Raphael for help is less important than the fact that you do so. I do find, though, that when someone becomes desperate for help, their prayers are especially powerful, as a woman named Lina described to me:

 “Many years ago I’d fallen ill with an extremely sore throat from a glandular fever. In pain and unable to swallow, eat, or sleep, I spent a week in tears and despair, unable to receive any medical treatment, since the infection wasn’t treatable with antibiotics.

 “So I spent each day in bed in pain. At 3 a.m. on the fifth day of this illness, I awoke; and on my knees, I cried to Archangel Raphael, begging for relief and for his healing, as I could no longer tolerate this unbearable pain.

 “Then, exhausted, I went to bed, slept like a log, and awoke the next morning totally symptom free! No pain whatsoever, not one visible sign of illness! Oh, what a miracle! I was so grateful to Saint Raphael for his incredible love and healing.”

 I think that Lina’s prayers were immediately answered because she didn’t have any fears about receiving Raphael’s treatment. She completely desired Heaven’s help, so the archangel didn’t need to work around freewill fears, which are the equivalent of a locked door preventing him from entering.

 You can also pray affirmatively, as a woman named Nicole did when she felt a tingling just under her nose, where she sometimes got painful and embarrassing cold sores. She was guided to meditate while asking Raphael to heal her. So she sat in the garden and mentally recited affirmations like My nose is completely healed and I am completely relaxed and healthy.

 After a few minutes, Nicole felt Raphael say, It is healed. Sure enough, when she went indoors, the skin under her nose had returned to its normal color, and the tingling had stopped. After an hour, she felt the blocked energy clearing out. Nicole says, “It was a huge relief and a great reminder to ask for assistance and take the time to receive it.”

 Nicole’s affirmations were a powerful way for her to open the door to healing. Spiritually and energetically, such positive statements have an effect identical to that in the previous story of Lina, who also completely opened the door to Raphael because of her extreme desperation. Both Lina and Nicole had no reservations: they wanted a healing, they asked for it, and they received it.

 Thus ends the transcript from Doreen Virtues book on The Miracles of Archangel Raphael


ArchAngel Raziel

"The secret of God"

ArcAngel Raziel is often referred to as the wizard  or alchemist of the angelic realm.


colour: rainbow

crystal: Quartz

Raziel helps with clairvoyance and magic, he helps us understand ideas and situations the defy logic.

He encourages us to expand our everyday thinking, helping us heal and grow.

If you crave deep spiritual understanding ask Archangel Raziel

He will often work with you in your dreams, Raziel is often responsible for you waking up knowing or understanding more

Archangel Raziel's energy is kind and loving with a gentle playful undertone.


ArchAngel Ariel

"lioness of God"


colour: pale pink

crystal: Rose quartz

Archangel Ariel is often associated with lions, she loves nature and works closely with the nature angels to protect and heal animals.

Call upon Ariel when you need courage, bravery, focus and confidence

Archangel Ariel is involved with divine magic, she helps us attract and supports our life mission.

Ariel is the master manifestor and has a special connection to water, and healing our environment. 

Ariel is the angel that supports healers, teachers and service workers

Ariels energy is warm and strong



ArchAngel Haniel

"glory of God"


colour:bluish white like the full moon

crystal: moonstone

Archangel Haniel honours the natural rhythms, moods  and cycles of life

Haniel brings out hidden talents and encourages you to reach your highest potential

Haniel helps us embrace our strengths failures and setback and lets us grow from the experience

Haniel has a magical, mothering , nurturing energy


Archangel Uriel

"the light of God"


colour: pale yellow like candlelight

crystal: Amber

Archangel Uriel enlightens us with divine inspiration, call upon him whenever you need answers and insight.

Uriel will often answer you with repeated thoughts and ideas, that are positive, helpful and loving

Uriel will help you with intellectual guidance

Uriel can help illuminate cloudy situations, and help you take  one step at a time.

Archangel Uriel comes with a feeling of knowing and accomplishment



ArchAngel Chamuel

"he who sees God"


colour: pale green

crystal: green flurorite

Chamuel is the angel of personal and global peace

Archangel Chamuel helps us find things and places, call for him when you need directions when travelling

Chamuel guides people into careers that are most suited to their life purpose

Chamuel sees your true self and the qualities that lie there, call on him when you wish to feel content, calm and peaceful

Chamuel invokes a pleasant feeling of excitement



ArchAngel Jeremiel

"mercy of God"


colour: eggplant purple with sparkles of purple light

crystal: amethyst

Archangel Jeremiel helps newly crossed over souls review their life, Jeremiel can also help the living review their lives.

Jeremiel delivers mercy to everyone, while guiding people to act in merciful ways

Jeremiel has a respectful loving tender feel



ArchAngel Zadkiel

"righteousness of God"


colour: deep indigo blue

crystal: lapis

Archangel Zadkiel helps release unforgiveness towards ourselves and other

Zadkiel sweeps and clears away emotional toxins from the heart, activating deep emotional healing

Zadkiel acts as a spiritual professor, accessing knowledge and offering kind patient guidance

Call on him when you need help to improve your memory

Zadkiel's energy is  gentle steady, kind and patient 


ArchAngel Raguel

"friend of God"


colour: pale blue

Crystal: aquamarine or aqua aura

Overseas Archangels and angels ensuring harmony and cooperation, while keeping order in all relationships

Raguel helps sort out your feelings, allowing you to sort and follow their guidance

Raguel is often refereed to as the relationship angel, and is an excellent mediator  

His guidance is fair and just

he feels like a warm gentle breeze steering you in the right direction



ArchAngel Jophiel

"beauty of God"


colour: deep rose pink

crystal: pink rubelite

Archangel Jophiel is the angel that overseas all things beautiful, when redecorating and spring cleaning call on her.

Jophiel is an amazing feng shui consultant, and will give an increased awareness to situations

Jophiel helps see the beauty in everyone, call upon her when you need some quality time outdoors. This is always a brilliant time to release stress and feelings of depression

Jophiel comes with a feeling of beauty and grace.



ArchAngel Azrael

"whom God helps"


colour: vanilla/cream with twinkly lights

crystal: yellow and gold calcite

Archangel Azrael surrounds the grieving and dying to comfort and help with transition, and is acknowledged as the angel of death

He supports those that support people through the grief process

Azrael loving guides us towards schooling and internships that help and heal

Archangel Azrael passes on messages from loved ones in heaven, especially via dreams and mediums

his energy is supportive in a gentle comforting way



ArchAngel Gabriel

"god is my strength"


colour: orange/copper

crystal: citrine

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel, helping to deliver healing messages

He has a special passion for helping journalists and writers, and guides us into spending more time and energy enjoying our writing

Gabriel opens doors to getting work published

Archangel Gabriel has a special fondness for mothers, children, pregnancy, conception and parenting. Call upon him when you need help in these areas

Gabriel like us to nurture our inner child

Gabriels energy feels  gentle and safe

I first saw Gabriel when my daughter was pregnant with my oldest grandchild and having complications, Gabriel appeared in a shadow of orange and I knew everything would be alright.(and It was)

Recently I had Gabriel come to me, I had been asking for help with my own spiritual ascension and he appeared, showing the full beauty of his wings letting me 'know'who he was. He took me to a temple and there sitting at the alter was Mother Mary, Gabriel communicated that he and Mother Mary work very closely together. Mother Mary took my hand and peace descended around me after a few minutes Gabriel stepped forward and within the instant of a breath we were standing infront of a Man who introduced himself as King Solomon. I knew from this that Gabriel was guiding me along my path of development taking me to meet Ascended Masters, when I asked him how long he had been doing this his reply was'' and how long have you been collecting copper?"' oh he knows me well! when I was 20 I brought a vase that looks like a copper trumpet  and over the years since I have some very special copper items that have been given to me. With this Gabriel took his leave, thus leaving me to digest the experience.




ArchAngel Metatron

Unlike the other Archangels Metatron and Sandolphon have lived lives on earth.

Metatron was the prophet and scribe Enoch


colour: violet with sea foam green stripes

crystal: watermelon tourmaline

Metatron clears and opens our chakras with geometric shapes

Metatron loves helping children and those that spend large amounts of time with them

He helps with natural talents and gifts, and is very close to children who are psychic and sensitive

Metatron is great at helping you set priorities in your life, and helping you with time management.

Call upon him when you need to make time in your life.

Archangel Metatron will also help with record keeping and organisation


ArchAngel Sandolphon

Sandolphon was once the prophet Elizah


colour: turquoise

crystal: turquoise

Archangel Sandolphon helps us bring integrity into our lives.

Sandolphon delivers and answers prayers, making sure that every prayer is heard, as the all are of equal importance

Call upon Sandolphon to allow you to receive, and speak the truth openly

He brings the spiritual gifts of healing and prophesy, and is often the guiding force behind miracles and victories

Sandolphon is the angel of music and singing