Spirit drawings

Many years ago I began feeling waves of lines and colours while I was writing, tentatively I began to draw.

 My own artistic talents amuse my family as I have trouble drawing stick figures, to my and their amazement  faces started to reveal themselves often coming with colours and messages.

Sometimes they are guides, or angels but on occasion they are family members in spirit. I have on a couple of occasions drawn the person my client has ended up marrying.



A special story

The most precious experience I have had doing these, is this one, I will share the story with you.

 I drew a young girl; very few details came with the drawing, except that she had something wrong around her mouth and that I would know who to give this to. I was to give her love to the person and their mother...... OK .... well a couple of days went by and nothing on the third day I was beginning to wonder if I had missed them when a man came into the shop. He looked like the picture, I asked him if he had lost a young girl. He said yes.

I asked about what was wrong with her mouth, he told me she used to bite her bottom lip and had a rash under her lip, I showed him the picture and past on her message, he burst out crying.

When he regained his composure he told me he had visited the area 3 days before. Then gone on to visit his mother in Auckland and they had spent the last 3 days visiting her grave together. Today he had come back to see family in the area and had been driving down the main street saw the shop for the first time and felt compelled to stop. His mother had helped care for her before she died.

This was a beautiful way she found to tell her family she loved them. it goes to show nothing really happens by accident.




Like with anything  spiritual we do question whether our interpretation is accurate, I asked my guides to confirm to me that my drawings were on track. I had no idea how they would do so, so i just left it up to them.

I drew this lovely lady and I asked my guides was it an angel no I was told, well was this a guide no I was told, well was this a family member of someones in spirit no I was told. I finished the picture and was told I would know who it belonged to.

So off to work I went while I was reading for a client ( that I had never met before) I kept saying to her you look awfully familiar. Towards the end of the reading I touched my pyramid crystal and suddenly thought of the picture that had the same shape in the bottom that I had finished that morning. I told my client that the next time she came to town to drop in as I had a picture that would mean something to her.

After work when I came home and looked at the picture I burst out laughing, no wonder the lady looked so familiar it was her. Goes to show nothing happens by accident and I did ask for confirmation. My client and her friends have enjoyed this immensely, I took a picture when my client came back to pick up the picture here is that pic.

IMG 3706 1

The mark eye level in this picture is actually a guide making his presence known this is where he touches his




IMG 0005(copy)


IMG 3626 1

IMG 3615 1



IMG 3617 1


IMG 3618 1

IMG 3623 1

  This is a picture of one of my guides I first started drawing images of her 16 years ago




This is one of my healing guides, she devoted her life on earth to helping the sick and injured. She is one of my ancestors and quite a famous figure, she has taken to showing herself after reiki attunemens for all to see.




This is an Amen Ra Priest

he belongs to a very good clairvoyant medium


A clients healing guide


A very special guide for psychic development