Star Sign Traits




Star sign Traits





March 21 to April 20

Aries is the sign of the Ram, It is one of three fire signs

Aries starts the zodiac so it it often said to be the child of the zodiac.

The sign of Aries itself represents new beginnings.

Arians are often pioneers in thought and action, are self-reliant and full of energy, but are prone to being impulsive, headstrong, and idealistic rather than being down-to-earth and practical. They are supposed to be most at home being independent and wielding authority.

Typical Arians are supposed to be full of schemes and new ideas. They can carry them out to completion, but usually only if the outcome can be envisaged quickly in the short term, because their waves of enthusiasm tend to be short-lived. They are said to be notorious for not completing what they start.

 Aries people seldom remain in one career or job for long. The kind of careers Arians can take to are acting, designing, travelling, freelance writing, or any occupation that involves being in control.  If they can temper their impulsive drives, it is said, they are capable of accomplishing much and of becoming successful leaders. 

Their impulsive nature can lead to blow outs with money, its the old act now think later trap they fall into.

Arians make very loyal friends and supporters.

They defend their family and mate to the extreme, and often end up in relationships that

should have ended very quickly, but are drawn out even after they have ended.

Aries females will often spend large parts of their life without a partner, often carrying a torch for the past.

Key phrase; I want it now!

Best colour red

Ruling planet Mars

Best Day Tuesday

Lucky number 9


Parts of the body ruled by Aries Head, eyes and jaw

True love match Gemini

Ok date Aquarius

best friend Scorpio

Avoid Love match with Taurus

best crystals for Aries

diamonds, Bloodstone, Jasper, Ruby, Topaz and Quartz


April 21st to May 20th


Taurus is the sign of the Bull.

 It is one of three earth signs

Taurus represents strength of character, will, and purpose.

In some cases they can take stubborness to the extreme. 

 This earth sign is supposed to denote reliability, solidity and practicality.

 It is said that because of their strong wills, Taureans can be led but never driven.

There is also a high stress factor which for some Taurus can rule their lives, this is often caused by relationships that make Taurus feel insecure.These taureans will often be very thin.

Finding a stable loving relationship is essential for a Taurean to florish and grow.

Taureans are supposed to be slow to anger, but when angered can become violently out of control.

Because of their great love of food and drink, Taureans are said to make excellent cooks.

The Taurean build is often very rounded and gains weight easily.

The type of careers and work that Taureans are most at home with are: anything involved in the handling of money,food or things of beauty.

Taureans can have a tendancy to overindulge and be lazy one day and the next out work everyone around them.

key phrase "I'll do it tomorrow"

Best colour emerald green

Ruling planet Venus

Best Day friday

Lucky numbers 3 and 9

Parts of the body ruled by Taurus throat, neck and upper chest  

True love Cancer

Ok date Scorpio

Avoid love match with Aries

best crystals Sapphire, Rose Quartz, Jade, Aventurine, Amber, Malachite


May 21 to June 20

Gemini is the sign of the Twins.

It is one of three air signs.

You can never be sure of which twin you are dealing with, so beware.
It pays to check which way the wind is blowing or which twin you are dealing with on any given day

The duality quality of this sign can be hard to understand for those closest to a Gemini.

People born under this sun sign are said to be elusive,  they're often said to be mercurial (unpredictable), nonconformist, and contradictory.

When they become single minded they are a force to be reckoned with and can achieve great things.

Because they are said to reflect every change in their surroundings and be in constant need of variety, from being happy, charming, intelligent, and restless, they can suddenly become stolid (showing little or no emotion or interest in anything), materialistic, depressed, and pessimistic, and then just as suddenly swap back into being happy, etc.

They are supposed to crave variety and new stimuli constantly to the extent that they become prone to depression if this need isn't satisfied.

It is said that when Geminians are overly self-absorbed, they can be unscrupulous, cunning, evasive, two-faced, and capable of talking their way out of any situation that these tendencies bring about. At their best, they are said to make ideal friends because they can be very witty and entertaining 

Ideal job salesman, they can sell anybody anything.

Best colour orange

Ruling planet Mercury

Best Day Wednesday

Lucky numbers 1 and 14

Parts of the body ruled by Gemini upper limbs and lungs


True love Aries

OK date Virgo

Avoid love match with Pisces, however this is often what they choose as long as they can control the Pisces

best crystals  Emerald, Jade, Pearl, Tigers eye, Citrine and Agate


 June 21st to July 22

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. It is one of three water signs.

The crab is the symbol and like the crab they tend to approach life in an indirect manner, taking their time to sum the situation up.

As a water sign, Cancerians are supposed to be made as changeable as the tides under the influence of the moon while at the same time being obstinately tenacious. They are supposed to be complex and difficult to understand because mood swings can make them combative and cranky one minute and sweet and caring the next minute.

Cancer is associated with emotional sensitivity and sympathy, domestic security, maternal instincts, and homemaking, so its all about home and family..

they can be easily hurt, then it's understandable why they are said to be experts at sulking like children.

They can be masters of decite, often obessed with looking over the fence where the grass could be greener. Trust can become an issue with them.

Once commitment is made totally  they do make life long mates

They love talking with their hands

Best colour silver

Ruling planet the Moon

Best Day Monday

Lucky numbers 3 and 5

Parts of the body ruled by Cancer: chest, breasts, stomach

 True love Taurus

OK date Pisces

Avoid love match with Libra

best crystals moonstone, pearl, garnet, ruby and emerald




July 23rd to August 22nd


Leo is ruled by the Sun, and its symbol is the Lion. It is one of three fire signs

Known to have a loud roar but very little bite, they can hurt the more sensitive signs feelings.

is acknowledged as being a creature of regal splendour and pride, the people born with the sun in the constellation of Leo should have a natural grandeur in their bearing that tells others: "I am masterful, proud, ambitious." Characteristics that go well with the sincerity and generosity that a typical Leo is supposed to possess.

Leos are as trusting and as good-hearted as they're meant to be, it's understandable that they're also supposed to suffer from marked disillusionment and hurt feelings when someone in whom they had placed great faith fails them. Leos are said to give of themselves wholeheartedly in whatever they do, and so, naturally, they should expect the same level of loyalty and integrity to be shown to them in return.

They do need regular excerise to burn off the manic side of their nature.

Leos are supposed to have strong will power, which translates easily into a marked degree of self-control. Add to this the ability to be exceptional organisers for whom setbacks merely spur them on to making greater efforts, and you have the recipe for the natural leader 

Leos like to bring out the best in people.

Loyality and keeping their word is important to them

They need the opportunity to roar loudly but once its done its over

Best colour red

 Ruling planet The Sun

Best Day Sunday

Lucky number 3 and 9

Body parts rules by Leo heart and back

 True love Libra

Ok date Sagittarius

Avoid love match with Pisces

best crystals Onyx, diamond, golden topaz , carnelian, tourmaline, ruby and sunstone



August 23rd to September 22nd

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, and its symbol is the virgin carrying sheaves of grain.
It is one of three earth signs

Virgos tend to come in two types

the messy disorganised one


the clean ultra organised one

Virgos value the work ethic and efficiency highly. Indeed, a typical Virgoan is supposed to be so fond of exacting detail that he or she often can't see the big picture or distinguish the wood from the trees. 

 in order to conceal their nervous, sympathetic, and contradictory natures, they will often provide no comment on events around them

 Virgos are well known for possessing a strict moral sense, but their fondness for exercising their shrewdness and subtlety is said to make them prone to being unscrupulous in business dealings, they value honesty and being on time.

Virgoans are said to make excellent accountants and bookkeepers, statisticians, editors, and analytical chemists

key phrase "don't rush me"

best way to get at most Virgo's go through their house and tilt all the hanging pictures, they will spend ages straightening them  

Best colour light green

Ruling planet Mercury

Best Day Tuesday

Lucky number 8 and 14

Body parts rules by Virgo intestines, ulcers, muscle tension


True love Pisces

Ok date Taurus and Scorpio

Avoid love match with Sagittarius

 best crystals  Jade, tigers eye, carnelian, malachite, citrine




September 23rd to October 23


Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and its symbol is the Scales. It is one of three air signs

It is the only non human or non animal  sign of the zodiac, Libras can have a cold side to them this is said to be the reason why.
In my experience they will often retreat and hide when situations get very emotional.

Typical Librans are said to dislike argument intensely, and consequently develop an innate ability to make comparisons and reach an impartial judgement on them.
Librans are supposed to possess a highly developed social sense and have a companionship and contact with people. It is said that in excess, their innate urge to compare and criticise can lead them into developing undesirable habits like alcohol addictions.

libra's are said to be known for being hardworking, optimistic, and for making excellent partners in business and in team sports

Because of a need for society and contact with people, Librans are said to be naturally drawn to the world of the arts, the performing arts, and business partnerships. They are said to show marked talent as fashion designers, interior decorators, and as the managers of all the different kinds of public entertainment. Other occupations said to be up their street are the law and as antiques dealers

Key phrase "I cant decide"

Best colour pink

 Ruling planet Venus

Best Day Friday

Lucky numbers 7 and 2

Body parts rules by Libra urinary system, hips and thighs

True love Leo

Ok date Gemini

avoid love match with Cancer

best crystals rose quartz, sapphire, lapis, green aventurine  

October 23rd to November 21st

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, and its symbol is the Scorpion. It is also the sign of sex, where the planet Mars is its governor. It is one of three water signs.

Many astrologers consider Scorpio as the most powerful of the signs of the zodiac. As a water sign, it is said to endow its subjects with a smooth surface that can conceal unfathomable and even treacherous depths. It is said of Scorpion's that they have the most powerful natures for good or for evil. Appearing calm and watchful, with a mysterious magnetic intensity, it is said that they can exert a strange hypnotic influence over other people, which seems to be in keeping with the fact that Pluto is the ancient Greek god of the underworld, death, and regeneration. Passionate and intense, Scorpion's are said to never go into anything half-heartedly, especially when they're seeking to improve the status quo, or change the world for the better. Endeavours that can require as much self-overcoming of their own intense desires as overcoming the resistance of the immovable world. In any case, they are supposed to be guided by their inborn sense of justice and integrity.

Typical Scorpions are said to be cautious while being very determined and strong-willed, self-confident, shrewd, and very direct expressing what is on their minds. They are supposed to be very quick to take offence, yet be extremely critical of anything they dislike. To the extent that they are said to be prone to making lifelong enemies due to the destructiveness of what they have to say.

Scorpio is the sign of sex and passion

Scorpians are said to make excellent public speakers, diplomats, and detectives, to have a tendency to become masterful adherents of occult practices, and to excel in research and medical science

key phrase saying nothing and giving you a look that would freeze water

never mess with one they never forget what you did

Best colour purple

 Ruling planets Mars and Pluto

Best Day Tuesday

Lucky numbers 4 and 13

Body parts rules by Scorpio reproductive system and sex organs

True love Capricorn

OK date Aries

Will often pair with a fire sign

Avoid love match with Gemini

best crystals ruby, garnet, onyx, hematite, quartz, tourmaline, beryl



November 22nd  to December 21st

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, and its symbol is the Archer. It is one of three fire signs.

Like an archer's arrow that always finds its target, and because Sagittarius is governed by the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, it is said that Sagittarians are prone to finding themselves in the best of fortunes.

Just as the archer always wants to shoot straight and true, honesty, truth, and integrity are said to be of the greatest importance to the Sagittarian.  they are said to be direct, forthright, independent, positive, optimistic, enterprising, trustworthy, and loyal.

Sagittarians are said to be natural teachers and philosophers, 


However, as with any kind of worship, Sagittarians should be capable of becoming fanatical - the fanatical slaves of the rituals and conventions they love.

For instance, they may become rebels merely for the sake of being rebels

It is said that Sagittarians seldom betray a personal trust and make good friends and companions, even though their tendency to say exactly what is on their minds can be a painful to others, and they're readily able to use their ability to find sources of weakness and then wound by attacking them

Sagittarians are supposed to long for new and exciting experiences, to be able to roam freely and unrestrained, which, it shouldn't be surprising, makes them inclined to travel to exotic destinations where they can indulge themselves in unconventional and exciting diversions. 


Occupations and interests that Sagittarians are drawn to are supposed to involve politics, teaching, the law, religious pursuits, the armed forces, advertising, horse-trading, and bookmaking. A tendency to be restless is said to make regular changes of occupation inevitable.

Key phrase............ a very long drawn out explanation with huge amounts of ideas

Best colour dark blue

Ruling planet Jupiter

Best Day Saturday

Lucky number 6 and 4

Body parts rules by Sagittarius hips and thighs

 True love Aquarius

Ok date Libra

Avoid love match with Virgo

best crystals turquoise, amethyst, lapis, garnet


December 22nd to January 19th

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and its symbol is the sea Goat. It is one of three earth signs 

They are supposed to have a deep need for security and well being, which they strive for through hard work.

 They are also said to make excellent administrators, asking of the workforce nothing more than what they have undertaken or would undertake themselves.

 They are said to be strict and fair judges in disputes, but can be so self-confident that they can come to want to rely only on themselves.


. They are also supposed to have an excellent, wry, witty sense of humour, and take a delight in winning arguments. It is said that they can make excellent friends within a small circle, but it is also said that they have the capacity to make bitter, revengeful enemies.

The often suffer bouts of depression and during these will exhibit stalker like mentally as no one is listened too.

Their favourite pastimes are shagging and shopping

key phrase "I followed them home" Capricorn can turn into a bit of a stalker when they have someone in their sights

Best colour dark green

Ruling planet Saturn

Best Days 11th, 17th and 22nd

Lucky numbers 9 and 7

Body parts rules by bones, knees, joints, cartilage and skin 

True love Scorpio

Ok date Cancer

Avoid love match with Aquarius

best crystals onyx, bloodstone, ruby, turquoise, lapis, jet


January 20th to February 18th


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and its symbol is the Water Bearer. It is one of three air signs

The water they carry is said to be knowledge

Watch how grumpy they become when you try and spill that water

Aquarius is the great eccentric sign of the Zodiac.

 People born under this sun sign are said to be eccentric idealistic dreamers prone to dreaming up all kinds of world-redeeming ideas.

 Although said to be nervous and highly-strung, they are also supposed to be forceful, strong, yet very anxious characters, often forced to hide all of their conflicting characteristics behind a facade of frivolity or calmness.

Said to be refined, gregarious humanitarians, and faithful friends and lovers, who place great value on their independence, the greatest weakness of Aquarians is supposed to be finding fault, while finding it just as easy to overlook their own faults..

Aquarians are said to be prone to suffering outbreaks of unexpected loss of temper, and fits of eccentric and simmering anger, (thats that grumpy streak again) which is usually followed by a tense and threatening silence. Yet, at other times they are said to have the ability to be the "life and soul of the party", often indulging themselves in intellectual and artistic pleasures, such as the theatre and other public entertainment.

The best vocations for those born with the sun in Aquarius are said to include anything connected with the electrical and electronic industries, including the media, poetry, astronomy, and the entertainment industry.

key phrase depends on how much you push their buttons as they can get grumpy quickly

Best colour Black

Ruling planet Uranus

Best Days 12th, 17th and 30th

Lucky numbers 5 and 8

Body parts rules by Aquarius ankles, sprains, pulled muscles

True love Sagittarius

OK date leo

Avoid love match with Capricorn

best crystals garnet, quartz, amethyst, sugalite, turquoise

February 19th to March 20th

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion and mystery, and its symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, one the right way up and the other upside down.
Aries is the first sign and Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac. It is one of three water signs.
Diplomacy, subtlety, sympathy, tact, and a willingness to listen and learn are said to characterise people born under the sun sign of Pisces.
 A typical Piscean is supposed to have a ready understanding of the problems of others,( however they tend to absorb other peoples problems) and therefore should have a capacity for patience and persistence when dealing with all kinds of people, especially children
They have wonderful natural intuition  
On the other hand, it is also said that Pisceans can often be overemotional and oversensitive to the point of being peevish, fretting, lacking in initiative, or becoming deceitful, hypocritical, turn to drink and narcotics, or even become alcoholics.

In general, Pisceans are supposed to be easygoing, kind, friendly and good-natured. It is said that their readiness to avoid conflicts at all costs can often lead them into being taken advantage of by people intent on exploiting this weakness.
 Typically they are said to have ambition, but lacking in concentration and will power, they seldom develop the impetus that would propel them to the top of a hierarchy. For this reason, it is said of them that they do best in subordinate positions, because bearing the responsibility of high office is so foriegnl to their nature that they would be tormented by worry, and therefore almost certainly fail.

The typical Piscean is supposed to have the kind of dual nature that is symbolised by the two fish swimming in opposite directions.

In my experience Pisceans come in three types of fish
  • the dolphin
  • the shark
  • or the bottom feeder
it pays to make sure which one you are dealing with

They are said to feel themselves drawn to spiritual matters and concerns, but on the other hand can suffer from severe mood swings, carelessness, negativity, inner conflicts, jealousy, and emotional confusion that they can easily degenerate in the opposite direction and turn to narcotics and drink for relief. This duality, it is said, often drives them into the dream world of the imagination, which can bear significant or great literary and artistic fruit.

Careers or vocations that Pisceans are said to excel in are nursing, catering, charity work, writing, journalism, as librarians, accountants and bookkeepers. It is said that because of the lack of fixity of purpose combined with their ordered minds, Pisceans can often pursue two or more occupations at the same time. 

key phrases "I have just rescued..." or "I can help them they have only been to jail 52 times"

Best colour pale ice blue

Ruling planet Neptune

Best Days 5th, 15th and 19th

Lucky numbers 8 and 22
True love Virgo

body parts rules by feet, lymph and digestive problems

OK date Capricorn

Avoid love match with Leo

best crystals aquamarine, topaz, amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz, blue lace agate