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We have 9 main chakras or energy centres and around 21 minor ones.

There are another 7 advanced chakras that connect us to the divine

If you think of the human body as a radio set, your chakras are the aerial or the receiver, when receiving messages from loved ones in spirit or our Angels and spirit guides. 

The average person's chakras or energy centres are about the size of a walnut, a medium or clairvoyant's are usually the size of a dinner plate.

Each chakra spins like a glowing ball of light, connecting to our aura, body and soul

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The aim of spiritual development is to grow and develop the chakras, so that our aerial increases in size and vibration, therefore we are more able to receive spirit messages.

As our chakras grow we develop the clairs or senses that pick up spirit messages.

There are 7 senses that develop through our chakras, they are:

 Clairvoyance which is spiritual sight

Clair audience which is being able to hear spirit

Clairsentience which is being able to feel spirit

Claircogniance which is a sense of knowing

Clairscent/Clairgustance being able to detect spirit by smell

Clairtangency being able to detect spiritual touch

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The chakras start at the base of the spine

As they progress upwards the become more intense in nature, the base chakra is often referred to as a simple flower in pattern and vibration, and by the time we get to the crown chakra, the intensity is that of a thousand petal lotus.

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Simplified purpose of each chakra

The Base Chakra  

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The Sacral Chakra

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The Solar Plexus Chakra

MAQUManipuraMagnet200 (TheCrystalBall's conflicted copy 2016-09-14)

The Heart Chakra

MAQUAnahataMagnet200 (TheCrystalBall's conflicted copy 2016-09-14)

The Throat Chakra

MAQUVishuddaMagnet200 (TheCrystalBall's conflicted copy 2016-09-14)

The Brow Chakra

MAQUAjnaMagnet200 (TheCrystalBall's conflicted copy 2016-09-14)

The Crown Chakra

MAQUSahasraraMagnet200 (TheCrystalBall's conflicted copy 2016-09-14)

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Each chakra is associated with the glands and organs of the surrounding body parts.


Physical illness or emotional stress may cause the chakras to become blocked or cloudy. Healing or clearing (often referred to as realigning the chakras)  the chakra may give relief to some physical conditions.

For example an annoying cough maybe a sign the throat chakra is congested

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Minor Chakras

As we develop spiritually our smaller chakras awaken especially with those individuals with natural healing gifts and those that practice spiritual healing ie reiki, and pendulum work.

Often these smaller chakras will help us choose a crystal or pick a card as the energy centres in the hand will feel "hot or warm" when they are holding the right crystal or over the right card.

As we develop spiritually the energy centres in the hands connect to the heart chakra allowing us to "feel" more with our hands and channel more healing energy through into our hands.

The Angels have always explained to me that they can channel more loving healing energy into our heart chakra than into our hand chakras, the energy from the heart chakra then overflows into our hand chakras.


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In the hands the larger palm chakra develops first, you may feel a warmth, or pressure tingling  feeling radiating from the palm of your hand.

The small more sensitive finger chakras open next, giving us extra sensitivity with energy healing.

Feet chakras are an important part of help ground and clear energy, walking or standing barefoot on the ground or in the sea or river can help clear your chakras

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The Soul Star and Earth Chakras
soul star

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The Soul Star Chakra
This amazing chakra sits above our head and is often seen as a white cap on mediums when their aura photo is taken.
The purpose of this chakra is divine communication, it is often where our consciousness is drawn to when meditating and often where contact with our higher self or soul self happens.  

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The Earth Star Chakra

This chakra sits beneath our feet, keeping our connection with mother earth and acting like a drain to rid us of the energy of day to today events. A blocked earth star chakra can cause one to relive past events and have issues moving forward with life

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