Know your Pet's personality


Pet Star Signs Traits



If you pet is an Aries

Don’t expect it to be patient; they want to do it now !
They like to be first in line and first there to investigate
These pets are likely to be quite aggressive, especially when it comes to protecting their home or their space.
Don’t encourage them to fight because of their aggressive need to win, it could lead to injury.
They can be loners so don’t expect them to welcome other pets into the house
They don’t like sharing, especially when it comes to food
They can be very selfish; they also like to be only one and get their own way with their food, their master and where they sleep
Aries pets are very loyal and devoted
They do like to breed and are very fertile so unless you want a bigger family take great care with this.
Aries rules the head and neck so regularly check teeth and gums.
Also watch eyes and nose for discharges and infections
fire signs love heat so watch for overheating during the summer and chills during the winter.
most compatable owner Scorpio or Leo
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If your pet is a Taurus

Expect them to be a little on the chubby side, they love to eat so watch their diet
They will be happy to lie around the house and often need lots of motivation to get some exercise
They have a stubborn streak and often will not do anything they are told until they are ready, no matter how much you yell and shout
Taureans love to be stroked, groomed, patted and cuddled so your pet will demand this pampering
If you want to train your pet; they respond well to food treats
They love comfort and beauty don’t be surprised if they steal your bed
Taurus rules the neck and throat so watch for coughs and colds
most compatible owners Libra and Gemini
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If your pet is a Gemini

They prefer company and will often fret without people and other pets
Gemini pets are often more talkative than other pets, and are often very intelligent
They enjoy learning and if left alone too often become very bored and stressed
Gemini pets need to get lots of sleep to neutralise nervous energy
Speak to them softly and reward them for all positive behaviour this will help with the nerves
Gemini rules the shoulders so take extra time with what type of exercise they get

most compatible owners Pisces and Sagittarius
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If your pet is a Cancer

Your cancer pet is very fond of home and family and bonds with both people and places. 
Cancer is ruled by the moon and your cancer pets moods will vary with the full moon, watch how maniac they become around the full moon.
Cancerian pets love home and family and make excellent parents that fret more that usual when their babies leave home. It is not unusual for the pet to mother the owner.
They are reasonably intuitive and sensitive so take care with their feelings, they need lots of TLC, they love being home
Don’t be surprised if they love water since they are a water sign.
Most will have very expressive eyes that will charm the hearts of their owners
Cancer rules the stomach so watch for stomach upsets, ulcers, and vomiting.
most compatible owners Scorpio and Taurus
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If your Pet is a Leo

Leos need a lot of attention, in fact they demand it.
They have a way of getting what they want, whether it be with big begging eyes or constant pestering.
They are amazing show offs and actors, they prance, dance, strut, and stick their chests out in a very regal manner.
They love to be leaders, and can be very bossy to other pets.
Leo pets are extremely loyal and devoted and will get quite withdrawn if left alone for long periods of time
Leo rules the heart, back and spine so watch for heart problems and back problems
most compatible owners Aquarius and Libra
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If your Pet is a Virgo

Virgo pets tend to spend a lot of time grooming and cleaning themselves.
They need clean water and surroundings as they prefer to keep themselves very clean
Virgo pets can also be quite fussy with what they eat so watch their diet carefully
The are quick to learn and have a great memory,
watch they don’t get bored.
Virgo rules the intestines and nervous system so take care introducing new routines
On the whole they make very faithful and well behaved pets
most compatible owners Pisces and Scorpio
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If your Pet is a Libra

Libra pets are very social.
They love companionship and fun games, so having a playmate is important to their happiness
They have lovely long limbs not as feline like as Leo, but they are very stylish
Libra is ruled by Venus so Libran pets can be very loving with their owners
Libra rules the kidneys so make sure they have lots to drink and a balanced diet
most compatible owners Leo and Gemini
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If your Pet is a Scorpio

Scorpio pets tend to own their owner, they don’t like to share and will often form a strong bond with just one person. They often don’t make a good family pet, nor do they like other pets getting close to their person.
Scorpio pets are some of the most psychic animals, with their aloof stare that looks right through you.
They are loyal and devoted even more so than leo.
They love to eat, so watch they don’t become too over weight
They can have quite a temper; so try not to get on the receiving end of it.
Scorpio rules the reproductive system so they may have problems with having off spring or getting pregnant.
If you want a prolific breeder a Scorpio pet may not be your first choice
most compatible owners Capricorn and Aries
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If your Pet is a Sagittarius

Sagittarians love to be active, they love to jump and run. The busier they are, the happier they are. Try to avoid caging them as much as you can.
What you see is what you get with this pet as they are even-tempered and eager to please.
They are quite independent as long as they have space to roam.
They tend to have more stamina than their owners, Sagittarius rules the legs, knees and ankles so watch for swelling and limping.
Fun loving and active they make great pets
most compatible owners Aquarius and Libra
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If your pet is an Capricorn

They have a good sense of self and present themselves for patting and stroking as often as they can.
They love comfort and will steal your, or anyone else’s, bed that takes their fancy. Sleeping for long periods each day seems to be a part of who they are, but they need motivating to exercise
Capricorn pets are quite bossy and like to get their own way don’t be surprised if you catch them sulking
They make quite good hunters and prefer catching animals to birds
Capricorn rules the skeleton, bones and teeth. Regular dental check ups are a must
A good diet with added vitamins and minerals is a necessity.
most compatible owners Scorpio and Cancer
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If your pet is an Aquarius

These pets love chewing on wires, they are not fussy any wire will do, pity they don’t understand that some are connected to the power.
These are very clever pets and tend to get into places that you would never think of
Aquarian pets are very loving but get very grumpy when disturbed
They will often go their own way, as they like to wander, but usually turn up at home at about the same time you do
Aquarius rules the circulation and eyes,
Aquarian pets often get cataracts
most compatible owners Sagittaruis and Leo
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If your pet is a Pisces

One of the most striking things about a Piscean pet is their eyes
The saying “eyes are the window to the soul” describes your Piscean pet to the letter.
These big usually brown eyes are big pools of love
They are incredibly sensitive and intuitive. Trust has to be earned with your Pisces pet.
They form a very close relationship with their owners and many owners swear that their pets can read their minds: such is the closeness of the bond
They are quite delicate pets and need lots of care and attention
Pisces rules the feet so make sure their nails or claws are well looked after.
most compatible owners Virgo and Capricorn