Hi I'm Pete (Rembrandt)


My star sign is Leo Monkey 


The company was started on the 13th of September 2002


The business name came from the idea of starting something for the future, and as we all know the crystal ball is a tool to see the future.


The skills I bring to the company include 10 years as a photo journalist working for the largest Tattoo and Bike magazines in New Zealand and Australia. My photos of Tattoo and Bike events have been published all over the world.


I have also spent some time as an educational writer; writing unit standards for the NZQA frame work.


I love horticulture and am very into gardening each year making sure Wendy has endless vases of orchids and christmas lilies 


I am trained in resuscitation techniques and AED external defibrillation


The shop has opened up new avenues for me to explore.


I am effectively the office manager and are the one who writes the quotes on the blackboard each morning (much to Wendy's horror; she has given up trying to censor my quotes )


I love learning about the swords and other items we stock (there is something really primal about a sword). I'm a bit of a history buff at heart 


Meeting new and interesting people is a great joy, we have such a diversity of true “characters” here in the Coromandel; and they all seem to find their way into the shop at some point.


I look forward to each day, as no two days are ever the same in this shop.


Hi I'm Magick Beautiful 
(people call me beautiful so often I think that is part of my name )

My star sign is Leo Monkey
I work as a therapy dog giving unconditional love for people who need it 
I love pats and will give a little woof if people stop patting just to remind them to keep going 
I excel at scenting and tracking, and love agility work.
I do see spirit around people and do communicate this 
I love long walks on the beach and swim every day. 
I adore Pete even though I don't always behave for him, I spend most of my day with Wendy especially when she is doing readings. 

Hi I'm Wendy

I have been reading for clients professionally for over 30 years

As my astrological birth chart implies I am the perpetual student, as my thirst for knowledge never seems to be quenched   


My star sign is Scorpio Ox 

I am also the webmaster so any errors in spelling and grammar are all mine lol


You will find I am always studying or learning something so it made sense for me to enroll in Lisa William's Master Teacher Course in 2020 and 2021.

I thought it was time to take a lifetime of knowledge and work with some worlds best Mediums and Psychics. Lisa is an incredible teacher who is great at pushing you right out of your comfort zone and showing you just how many talents you have. Under Lisa's guidance I have put together a range of courses and mentorship programs that will be reveal over the next few months.  

My childhood visions of the spirit world lead to a life long fascination with anything magical, angelic and psychic.

Healing people was always something that captured my passion so when I left school I trained and worked as a registered nurse for 22 years comforting and helping people heal.

In my late 20's I began focusing on developing my natural gifts more and started training with an English medium who had trained at White Eagle Lodge.
This amazing lady worked with me for two years laying down the foundations of my spiritual work.

The more I learnt the more my thirst for knowledge increased, here are a few of my achievements

Master Teacher in Training (1)-12
Astrological Forcasting 2020 with Alexander Stararard-504with Doreen Virtue (2)-734International Reiki Master-304
International Reiki Master (1)-969


I have been writing horoscopes for radio and newspaper on and off for the last 10 years.

I am a descendant of Florence Nightingale, so it wasn't surprising I was drawn to Nursing and healing as a career 

I worked as a Registered General and Obstetric Nurse for 22 years mostly in Intensive Care and Accident/ Emergency. Some of this time was spent as Supervising/Charge Nurse.

During this time I spent a lot of time gathering extra qualifications in areas like wound management, triage, and oncology. I am a certified Cervical Smear taker, and Ear suctioning Nurse

I have an Advanced Medical Diploma and several Massey papers in human development and related subjects. I have also had papers published in books through Massey University as well.

I became unfulfilled with the hospital health system several years ago, hence the change from hospital based nursing.

As a stroke of fate my daughter decided to get a piercing and it was then we realised no one around Thames was doing body piercing so a few courses later I found myself doing body piercing.

I have co written a Body Piercing course that was sent to Otago Medical University and commended for its standard.

I have been trained by The New Look Laser College in the USA in tattoo removal techniques as well as other laser services. So I hold certification in Laser Safety, and Laser Specialist.

I have Certification in Aural Health and Ear Suctioning

I am trained in resuscitation techniques and AED external defibrillation and do refresher courses in advanced life support regularly

I am responsible for sterilization and healthcare standards at The Crystal Ball Clinic, and am a member of the Sterilization Association of New Zealand.

I do leave some of my certification on display at The Crystal Ball Clinic

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