What is Mediumship ?

So what is mediumship?

Mediumship is making contact with deceased or passed on relatives, friends and pets.

How is this possible ?

Bonds of love between souls are never broken, these bonds enable the medium to connect. The medium is aided by their spirit guides and angels.

A good Medium will aim at achieving at least 3 goals during your reading




Who the deceased loved one is in relationship to the client.There may be one or many energys present so there may be messages from more than one person.
Mediumship is a little bit like fishing you cast your line in the water and can never be sure who you catch, so if someone different to who you expect comes through it is just meant to be on that day.

At times loved ones in spirit will step back and provide guidance and support for you in your life, as they put your happiness and wellbeing first.




This is where the medium provides at least one specific detail that is proof of survival of our clients’ loved one.
This proof, or hits are something that the medium couldn't possibly know and are specific to the deceased loved one.
Examples of proof are getting the clients name/ how they died/ occupation or a special situation or item that both the client and loved one share.

They may include knowing what the client has been doing in their personal life


3. Messages of Love

These are important, as they provide healing for both the loved one and the client.
By passing these messages of love on we provide a great deal of comfort and support.
The messages of love lift the clients mood and really make the difference between a good reading and a great reading. Your client should always leave your reading feeling loved and cared for.
The messages are conveyed by the medium from the deceased loved one to the client.
It is important that the messages are specific in keeping with the clients personality when they were alive.
These messages will depend on how emotionally expressive the deceased loved one was when they were alive .
They are signs of caring and love from the deceased loved one.
These can range from seeing a flower being handed over to things like.
  • I am proud of you
  • I’m fine don't worry
  • I love you
  • see I have been there watching you

There is often forgiveness and a releasing of pain, each session will differ as per the clients needs

Above all if you have questions, ask them Mediumship is one of the most powerful healing tools there is