House cleansing

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moving into a new house or place a stressful event ie marriage break up or ill feeling between family members a death in the family paranormal events around the house such as objects moved, people-447

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                                                                 Step One                                     
Getting Rid of The Negative

Set your intent, ask the Angels/God who ever you identify to help achieve your goal.

A good example of a heaven sent request is " Mother father God Angels please be with me today and fill this "space/ house/ property" with your light, love, peace and protection, and so it is
 Thank you "

Open the windows and doors and get cleaning add to your water either banishing water or a good lemon smelling detergent, wash and clean every thing you can move furniture vacuum underneath.

Tidy up and put things away.

Let your thoughts be positive on getting rid of clutter and negative things, release and forgive.

Cut some lemons into wedges and place some in each room to remove any bitterness.

Place a small dish of blessed salt in each room to remove negativity

 Leave the salt and lemons for three days. ( Best time to do this is after the full moon and before the new moon)

On the third day bury the lemons and salt, or remove them totally from the property.

A black candle maybe burnt over 3 days to help rid negative energies.

For an added extra Doreen Virtues Chakra clearing CD or similar clearing music (like American Indian Drumming) can be played during this time

                                                                 Step Two 
The Cleansing
Make sure your house is clean and tidy.

You may choose to get a minister of your choice to do this for you. Inviting some close friends to help can be an option worth considering.

Light a white candle and ask for blessing of the cleansing process.
Arch Angel Michael is the Angel of protection and clearing.

Good example of a heaven sent request is " Mother Father God Angels Please be with me/us today let your love and light fill every nook cranny and space of our home/property. Please let all sources of negativity and negative energy be lifted away, let all spiritual influences be positive and peaceful. Please protect and watch over this home and family.
So let it be thank you" 

Light a sage wand or sage leaves, (Palo Santo can often be used with the sage or instead of it brings a beautiful calm to a space) first circle the smoke around you for cleansing and protection, you may at this time like to do the same for other members of the household but it is not a necessity.
I am a great fan of lavender being included in my rituals for is calming and peaceful energy 
I also like to put white sage soap in the shower for everyone to use
it is not only is soft vegetable based soap but is also wonderful to use.
Its great at washing away all manner of things from the whole household.

Working methodically smoke/smudge each room, a fan or branch of bay leaves will help spread smoke.

Ask for your house to be filled with love and light, health, peace and happiness for all who come /live there.
You may also like to include things like success here as well 

You may like to write this down and place it under your candle and burnt it after you have finished cleansing.
Step Three   
The Sealing and Protecting of the Space.


 This can be done in several ways depending on what the reason for cleansing is.

My favourite is asking Arch Angel Michael to watch over, care for and protect this space.

Rosemary may be burned for protection, then protection oil can be crossed on each internal door and around the edges of external doors and windows.

A bunch of dried rosemary or bay leaves may be hung in areas that have been a problem or at front and back doors.

Amethyst crystals may be used in family rooms to provide protection or one buried at each corner of the property to form a protecting field.
Salt lamps and selenite crystals also will help shield and protect 

Blessed salt should be used to seal each room just a pinch will do and left for 7 days before the room is vacuumed.

Blessed salt is used outside to form a ring of protection around the house.

Blessed salt is salt that you have asked to be blessed for the purpose of protection on all levels spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Finally a Saint Joseph statue is buried after being covered in protection oil facing the house,
Saint Josephs function is to protect houses and children.

Repeat sage yourself and if feeling drained make a cup of sage tea with honey in it,
give thanks to God etc for helping you.

I like to shower after I have cleaned up my tools