Aura and Chakra Photos and Readings


Having an Aura and Chakra Photo and Reading is like have an Emotion and Spiritual Check up
Have you ever had your Aura Photo done ?
Its quite an amazing experience watching the colours of your aura, our camera shows your energy centres as well.

So what can Wendy tell from your aura photo
  • a lot about your general health and wellbeing its sort of a spiritual health check up
  • stress shows up in all sorts of ways
  • the colours of your aura says a lot about where you are and where you are going on your life's journey
  • there are certain signs within your aura that indicate lost loved ones in the spirit world being around you, its nice to know  that your family in spirit is still around
  •  holes and attachments can also be seen but are reasonably uncommon. These can be remedied
  •  if there will be a change in where you are living this shows quite clearly for most people
  •  your state of mind whether you are happy on depressed
  • what energy centres are clogged or energy blocks and the general health of your energy centres
  • energy reserves ie how close are you to burning out?
  • often where your psychic gifts are shows
  • what balance you have in your life
  • how a relationship break up has effected you and how you are healing

What I have noticed that as I do an Aura Reading the chakras enlarge and my healing Angels lovingly work on balancing and healing for you. Its an amazing thing to watch and brings a sense of calm, releasement and peace for the Reading

Do remember that I am a Registered Nurse and if I see things that need medical attention I will be encouraging you to go visit your Doctor

Aura and Chakra Reading $50 NZD
 includes aura and chakra photos and a colour explanation. Wendy gives a short psychic reading on you aura/chakras

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Spiritual Development and the Aura Chakra Reading  

a lot of shamans, reiki masters, yoga instructors, healers, psychics and mediums are now coming make use of the real time aura and chakra images.

Looking at the chakras and aura, can help see what you have achieved in development and what you need to work on.
It can help to look at the effect of meditation and crystals on your aura

contact Wendy and talk to her about how this can help


       Wendy's Aura and chakras before she does a reading


Wendy's Aura and Chakras after a reading, notice how the 3rd eye  and Crown Chakras merge and the aura has become very white

wendy reading


What people are saying about our Aura and Chakra Readings

I work as a natural Health Practioner/life coach, I had began to feel overloaded and tired. I decided to book a weekend at Mana Retreat doing Yoga. I stopped in at the Crystal Ball on the way and decided to get an Aura Reading. It was fab Wendy talked to me about cleansing and protection, I realised was carrying other people problems around with me. By the end of the reading I was feeling so my better, I'm sure Wendy lifted a lot of stress off me. I already feel I'm back on track. I will be back for my Christmas shopping.
Jennifer Rose Tauranga
    line rainbow

I was just passing through Thames on my way to Mana retreat. I felt burnt out and really needed some nurturing me time. I decided to get an Aura Reading. Wow I could see how my chakras had be effected and how low my reserves were, it was great to have Wendy's input into how I could work on getting back on my feet. I am definitely coming back.
Karen Hamilton
 line rainbow

I have been in and out of hospital for the last 3 months. When I had my Aura Reading Wendy picked up just how fragile I was feeling, as she was doing my reading I watched the colours change and began to feel so much better, it was just amazing. I am definitely coming back for another one

Eve Auckland 
  line rainbow

Wow that was so cool, Wendy showed me how my aura changed when my uncle came through from spirit. I definitely will be doing this again

Mitchell Hamilton
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I got the big report done, it was so worth it. I was reading it and keep thinking this is really me. It was so useful as things have been very stressful lately. I left feeling a lot more at ease.

Barb Tapu
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My baby is due in 2 weeks and Wendy showed me the changes in my Chakras and let me watch how responsive my aura was and how the colours changed when I talked to baby and when baby moved .. it was awesome.

Tiffany Matamata
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I was feeling really down and Wendy suggested that I tried the Aura Report, Wendy showed me why I was feeling down and what I could do to feel
better. I didn't realise how sensitive our bodies really are.

Kevin Hamilton
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It was my Dads birthday last week he died a year ago and I hadn't mentioned it, as soon as my image came up Wendy started talking to me about how close I was to my dad and pointed out a cross in my aura which was where she was getting the Dad feeling from. I had a good cry but its good to know dad is here still.

Wendy Morrinsville
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How are Aura Photos taken?

A biofeedback unit is used to measure the electromagnetic energy from the acupressure points on the ends of your fingers.  These measurements are transmitted to the computer, which then analyses the data through a sophisticated program. 

The reason this system can measure your Aura and Chakras is because you have meridians, which are lines of energy from your hands that lead to all parts and organs of your body. 

This system can measure, process and correlate this energy, giving a representation of your specific energy centres. 

The technology to photograph auras around our heads has existed for over twenty years with a Polaroid still camera.  Now all the previous technology has been added to an interactive computer system and a highly sophisticated program so you can view your energy field in real time, see your chakras and have an accurate, insightful personality profile.



Generally, the colour of your aura remains fairly stable unless there is a substantial shift or change in your life, or if you are in transition. 

The chakras, the colours around your body, on the left, right and on top of your head change more frequently, depending on what is going on in your life at the time.  You can use intention and desire to change and affect the colours in your auric field. 


The first step is to know what colours you are.  Then you can use that knowledge to bring about positive changes in your life.

aura color meaning
Our Aura camera system also looks at the major chakras or energy systems, looking at how stressed the body is and how healthy the chakras are.
Its amazing to see the effect stress, emotional trauma, injury and surgery have on the body's energy centres.
background aura1

A good example of this, is a case study of a woman in her late 40's who had several operations last year and was still a year later feeling stressed and tired. When looking at the chakras they had all been effected and were distorted and patchy. The emotional and spiritual readouts were showing a huge amount of exhaustion, the chakra size was fluctuating wildly which would also have add to the exhaustion. Slowly through a variety of healing methods we are working on this. Her health and emotional state have improved immensely.  


Wendy goes through your images with you giving a Aura and Chakra Reading
Just ring and make a booking we have the camera in store
We can print out full and detailed reports for you


On going Case Study

Wendy is doing two case studies with the aura system

if you have had cancer or recovering from cancer and wish to anonymously take part  please contact Wendy


if you are pregnant and want to take part anonymously please contact Wendy


Overview of the Aura Colour Personality Types:

DEEP-RED physical, hardworking, power, realistic, vital, grounded, strength, stamina

RED excitement, physical, energetic, competitive, winner, will-power, sexual,

ORANGE productive, physical and creative expression, adventurer, business,

ORANGE-YELLOW analytical, intellectual, detail oriented, logical, structured,

YELLOW playful, sunny, easy going, creative, intellectual, entertaining, curious, active

GREEN social, natural, content, harmony, teacher, communicative, quick minded

DEEP-GREEN quick minded, goal-oriented, social, material, communicative, organizer

BLUE caring, sensitive, loving, helpful, loyal, peaceful, desire to be of service, nurturing

INDIGO clarity, calm, deep inner feelings, loving, loyal, introverted, inner values,

VIOLET intuitive, artistic, sensual, theorist, futuristic, visionary, charismatic, innovative

LAVENDER imaginative, mystical, fantasy, soft, fragile, sensitive, often spacy, etheric

WHITE transcendent, transformation, imaginative, quiet, higher dimensions, spiritual