Chinese Horoscopes


Legend describes the order of the zodiac was determined through a race, in which the rat cheated by standing on the ox's head and jumping ahead of him when they reached the finish line. It is said that 12 animals took part in the race.

The twelve year cycle of the zodiac

 The system of the yearly cycle was built from observations of the orbit of Jupiter. Chinese astronomers divided the celestial circle into 12 sections to follow the orbit of šrÐÇ Suìx¨©ng (Jupiter, the Year Star). Astronomers rounded the orbit to 12 years.

The Rat

Born in 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032. 2044

Charming and crafty, the Rat is the epitome of action and mental stimulation.

Creativity, inventiveness and innovative thinking are second nature to them.

We are drawn to the charming Rat who is always in the middle of the action.

 They are quick thinkers who really can quickly figure how to get out of a tight spot.

The down side is they sometimes have little patience for those of us who can't keep up with them.

They also have a restless streak which, if not satisfied, makes them hard to live with at times.

 The charming Rat acquires a large number of acquaintances, but only a select few ever make it to the Rat's inner circle.

 For them, he will do almost anything. For everyone else, it's just business.

Positive Traits:

Active, alert, attractive, charming gregarious, imaginative, inquisitive, intuitive, inventive, resourceful, shrewd, and venturesome. It is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac; so, it fittingly represents (initiating) action.
Depend on the Rat to get things moving. There is constant mental activity with the Rat. Even when they appear to be resting, be assured their minds are working full speed.
Most often they are devising a scheme to earn the most money with the least work.
The crafty Rat is resourceful. What they sometimes might lack in competence, they more than make up for with their quick-thinking, shrewdness and outright deviousness. Trust the Rat to make it through the maze to the cheese.

Their charm serves them well as they are very sociable and usually enjoy parties and clubbing.
The Rat thus acquires a wide circle of friends, especially since they are normally attractive to members of the opposite sex.

The clannish Rat, however, is really a private person and, despite appearances, only allows a few people into their inner circle. They cherish those dearly and will do almost anything for them.

Negative Traits:

Crafty, critical, edgy, greedy, grouchy, high strung, impertinent, manipulative, ostentatious, reckless, secretive, and stingy.

Speaking of charm, my does the Rat have and use it. They are adept at gaining your confidence and learning your secrets while holding on to their own. Furthermore, they are not beyond using the information to their advantage.

The opportunistic Rat is great at turning on the charm and manipulating people. Why even bother finding your way through the maze when you can get others to go fetch the cheese?

Because they are constantly in their heads, they are often edgy and easily agitated. Getting along with people is no problem for the Rat but make no mistake about it, they do not tolerate incompetence.

Qualities Admired: Attractiveness and a sharp mind.

Pet Peeves: Idleness and incompetence.

The Ox

Born in 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033, 2045

Steady and solid, the Ox is at home carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

They really do enjoy supporting almost everyone around them.

You can depend on the reliable Ox. Don't be fooled by their patience and calm demeanor; however, they are achievers.

Like the tortoise in the story, they are sure to finish the race and more often than not to come out as the winner.

 The flip side is their determination often becomes stubbornness, and when they do lose control, their behaviour can become almost violent.

 They are at peace when they can be on their own and do their thing in a familiar environment in a traditional manner.

Positive Traits:

Composed, confident, hard working, independent, methodical, persevering, reliable, self reliant, solid, tenacious, thorough and tireless.

The Ox combines the qualities (steady, composed and tenacious) of the tortoise in the fabled race with the hare and the legendary Hercules, strength of mind and body, solid throughout.

You are capable of tackling the toughest projects.You are also great at the longest ones as well thanks to your perseverance.

You continue on towards your goals regardless of the difficulty of the obstacles put in your path, and you never lose focus.

Furthermore, you are thorough and methodical, never losing sight of the myriad details involved. Not every Ox is a workaholic, but it is true you are generally thought of as hard working and reliable.

You probably have a reputation for being punctual and being at your desk when you are supposed to be.

Furthermore, you are diligent and almost always put in a fair days work for a fair days pay.

Yes, you carry out your responsibilities and willingly shoulder the burdens placed upon


 Although you tend to be very independent and self reliant, you nevertheless frequently volunteer to shoulder the burdens of those around you.

Of all the Chinese signs, yours is the one most likely to fit the Herculean image of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Negative Traits:

Authoritarian, cold, dull, materialistic, narrow-minded, overzealous, plodding, predictable, stifling, stubborn, suspicious and unapproachable.

No doubt due your methodical, cautious approach to life, you are occasionally viewed as slow and plodding if not downright dull.

 You like to find your comfort zone and stay there, making you boringly predictable at times.

Another thing that makes you predictable is you tend to have strong prejudices. You can be obstinate, making it almost impossible for us to get you to change your view on a matter.

 On the other hand, you can be an overzealous authoritarian who demands that we change ours. And, if we do not, we are likely to be sorry.

There are times it can be stifling to work with you. You are suspicious of changes and new ways of doing things.

 Sometimes you can be so tradition bound and narrow minded. It is necessary then to approach you cautiously.

And, it is not unusual to find you unapproachable. Regardless of how good hearted you might be it is hard for you to totally escape the Ox's tendency to be cold and materialistic.

Sometimes it appears to us that you are more interested in things than people, even when that is not the way it really is.

Qualities Admired: Inner strength, self-reliance.

Pet Peeves: Blocking their path, whining.

The Tiger

Born in 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034, 2046

Passionate and dynamic, the Tiger is a stick of dynamite waiting to go off.

 They are born leaders and usually have the charisma to cause people to naturally follow them.

Yet, they have a sensitive, even artistic side as seen in the passionate dancer, Rudolf Nureyev.

They are also nurturers, and the Tiger lady makes a great mom.

The downside is they are often hot-headed and foolhardy and may not always justify the faith we place in them to lead us.

Their fault-finding and rebelliousness can be almost unbearable at times. Still, we love the excitement they bring into our lives and their redoubtable accomplishments.

Positive Traits:

Adventurous, affectionate, charitable, colourful, courageous, dynamic, empathetic, exciting, humorous, optimistic, playful and resolute.

The adventurous and courageous Tiger is a born leader.

 You are not afraid to blaze new trails, and, given your independent streak, you are more than willing to go it alone if necessary.

Your firm determination also makes you a fierce competitor.

Your passion also gives you the potential to be a star performer. Colourful and dynamic, you have a commanding presence before any group.

Yes, we can count on you to command our attention and generate excitement.

Interestingly, you have another side, that of the playful kitten. It is characterised not only by youthful innocence and optimism but also a playful sense of humour.

 You enjoy telling jokes, which are all the more funny because people usually see your serious side and are caught off guard to see you out of character.

Your kinder and gentler side also includes a genuine humanitarian streak. You are empathetic and keenly sense the emotions and feelings of others, to which you respond with compassion and a sincere desire to help when needed.

Negative Traits:

Anxious, argumentative, authoritarian, critical, domineering, edgy, impatient, impulsive, narrow minded, rash, ruthless, self centred and temperamental.

The downside of the Tiger's passion is that it can lead to emotional distress, especially when frustrated by people or events.

 You have a tendency to be anxious and edgy. This uneasiness of mind could come from brooding fear about some contingency or simply a feeling of being tense or on edge.
Your high energy level fuel ed by passion often makes you impatient.

 You want to do things right away and can become deeply frustrated with unplanned delays. Your rashness sometimes manifests itself as impulsive behaviour.

There is a bit of the fools rush in mentality in you. In other words, you do not always think things through before you act.

You have a tendency to be self centred; so, this hasty action occasionally fails to take into consideration its affect on others.

Your focus on yourself can manifest itself in a form of narrow mindedness as contempt for the interests of others.

You also can hurt others by being overly critical and argumentative when they do not perform up to the high standards you set for yourself.

And, you almost demand that they do. Your sign is a strong one, and it is not surprising you have a tendency to be authoritarian and domineering.

 At your worst, you can even be ruthless. It is not wise to cross you deliberately.

Qualities Admired: Forthrightness, sincerity.

Pet Peeves: Boastfulness, pettiness

The Rabbit

Born in 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2036, 2047

Pacifistic and refined, the Rabbit tends to have excellent taste, enjoys the finer things in life and loves to go first class.

The Rabbit does its best to promote peace and harmony and to avoid conflict and unpleasantness whenever possible.

They are discreet, easy-going and make for good company. On the downside, they can be snobbish and prone to gossip.

Also, the Rabbit is the sign that finds it the hardest to pick itself up off the floor when knocked down by adversity.

Although a social creature, the Rabbit enjoys the quiet life and tends to be conservative. Their comfort is very important to them, and they are likely to whine when it's disturbed.

Positive Traits:

Artistic, calm, diplomatic, gentle, kind, modest, peaceful, placid, refined, sensitive, suave and thoughtful.

Above all else the Rabbit is a peacemaker.

 You no doubt have excellent diplomatic skills and, while you do not like conflict, you are the first person your friends turn to when it is necessary to make peace among them.

Your sense of calm and your modest, unassuming presence is just what is needed to smooth all those ruffled feathers.

You are also valued for your kindness. You are sensitive to the needs of people around you and thoughtfully do little things to make them happy.

Your kindness extends to animals, and it is especially there where we see your gentle heart. You are a soft touch for almost every litter critter.

You likely have exquisite taste in both dress and the arts. Suave and style conscious you want to wear the latest fashions and are always appropriately dressed for the occasion

. If you are not an artist yourself, you have an excellent appreciation of the arts and can be a good critic.

Negative Traits:

Conceited, detached, gossipy, manipulative, detached, gossipy, manipulative, melancholic, moody, opportunistic, snobbish, superficial, sybaritic and timid.

The Rabbit's love of peace manifests itself in a somewhat negative way as a love of comfort.

You generally avoid any kind of argument perhaps as much because it would disturb your peace of mind as because you are basically a timid soul and wither under criticism.

You do, however, aggressively pursue your creature comforts and have a definite sybaritic streak. In other words, you like the comfort luxuries bring and find yourself right at home in the mall.

Perhaps it is a defence mechanism to protect your gentle heart, but for whatever reason, you are usually somewhat detached.

 At times the world can be too harsh and intimidating for a person as gentle as you. You can be moody, which might help explain your tendency to become melancholic.

 It is hard to know your motivation for these as you can be very secret about your personal life. That does not, however, stop you from talking about ours.

In spite of your occasional physical and emotional withdrawal from the world, you actually crave the company of people and are quite adept at social relations being the diplomat you are.

 Unfortunately for the rest of us, you can be manipulative, and you are good at it.

Your motives however are not evil. Usually you are just trying to get us to do something you find too unpleasant to handle yourself or to simply buy something for you, preferably clothes or dinner at an elegant restaurant.

You are ever the opportunist.

Qualities Admired: Genteelness, calmness of soul.

Pet Peeves: Argumentativeness and anything else that disturbs their peace.


The Dragon

Born in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024, 2036, 2048

Idealistic and proud, the Dragon is someone you want around when something big needs to be done.

They think in large terms and dream big dreams.

 They are direct and up front, always letting you know what is on their mind.

Dragon is a karmic sign, which means they will experience more than a few extreme highs and lows in their lives.

The downside to the Dragon is that some are quixotic, i.e., wildly unrealistic with their big plans, while others are simply all talk or show and no action.

 Flattery will get you nowhere with the mighty Dragon; they expect worship.

Nevertheless, the Dragon is the sign of luck, and we certainly want them on our side.

Positive Traits:

Brave, decisive, dynamic, enchanting, exotic, fashionable, flamboyant, idealistic, imaginative, proud, self confident and tenacious.

The flamboyant Dragon is an integral part of every Chinese New Year celebration, and why not! You often come across as strikingly or mysteriously different or unusual. Maybe it is your fashionable dress or your high energy.

It is no wonder you have a lot of pride and self confidence. You generally command respect wherever you are. And, you are always on the go.

You boldly confront the mightiest obstacles and accept challenges that seem beyond the reach of others. You are not only decisive but, having made a decision, tenaciously hold onto the idea, moving heaven and earth if necessary, to fulfil your dreams.

And, with your limitless imagination, what dreams you have! As often as not they are very idealistic and geared toward the betterment of mankind.

Negative Traits:

Aggressive, authoritarian, conceited, dictatorial, dogmatic, domineering, eccentric, impractical, overzealous, superficial, tactless and unpredictable.

 Unfortunately, there are times the Dragon never gets beyond being a dreamer. Perhaps your big dreams are too impractical and you are just being fanciful.

 At times you might appear to people as a strange eccentric or just someone who is all talk and no action. All we can say for sure is you are unpredictable, and we can never know whether yours is the next great idea or just some crackpot scheme.

What we can say is that it is not unusual for you to have an excessively high opinion of yourself. Call it vanity if you will. It does grate on the rest of us in those moments when it is obvious to us you are superficial and your behaviour tactless.

Although you rarely intend any malice (it is not really in you) your speech and mannerisms are occasionally insensitive and offencive.

This is most apparent when you exercise leadership. You are often a born leader; yet, on occasion you resort to a dictatorial style.

 You can be oppressive or arrogantly overbearing towards others. You sometimes play the authoritarian and require blind obedience from your subordinates.

 Perhaps it is your overzealous enthusiasm for otherwise noble ends that causes you to slip into these behaviours.

Qualities Admired: Perfection, grandiosity.

Pet Peeves: Pessimism, being caused to lose face

The Snake

 Born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2015, 2037, 2049

Depth and charisma make the Snake a formidable presence.
 What you see is not what you get. The Snake's many interests and insatiable thirst for knowledge result in an increasingly complex persona.
 Furthermore, with the Snake's penchant for secrecy, they're not likely to let us see how much is there is to know about them.
 More than any other sign, the Snake knows how to present itself, when it wants, in the most favourable light.
The downside of this is that the Snake is likely to tire of and discard us lesser mortals. An even bigger danger is the Snake believes in revenge; so, don't cross them.
 Like the Dragon, the Snake is a karmic sign and likely to experience lots of extreme highs and lows in their lives.

Positive Traits:

Alert, calm, charismatic, cultivated, curious, decisive, intuitive, refined, reflective, soft spoken, tenacious, and wise.

The Snake's many interests and insatiable thirst for knowledge result in an increasingly complex persona.
The Snake is a karmic sign, which means they will probably experience many high highs and low lows in their lives.
 With their wisdom and charisma, which has an almost magical quality, they probably command our respect more than any other sign.
Like the Rat and Monkey, Snakes spend a lot of time in their heads, but they are not worriers.
 Rather, they pass their quiet time in reflection and contemplation. This, together with their love of learning, is what gives them such great depth.
 Of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Snake is most closely associated with wisdom.
Although the Snake is more than willing to share their knowledge, they have a penchant for secrecy when it comes to their personal lives.
This adds an aura of mystery to their already commanding presence. And, what you see is not what you get.

In fact there is always more to learn about the Snake.
 Just when you think you know the Snake, you find out the Snake has developed a totally new interest.
Not only that you discover they have quickly grasped the subject.

It would not, however, be easy to heed that warning.
 More than any other sign, the Snake knows how to present itself in the most favourable light.
They are never flamboyant or or ostentatious. Most are fully aware of their karmic status and do not feel a need to impress anybody.
But, when the spirit moves them, they will appear as the most dazzling personality on the scene.
Nevertheless, the Snake is basically a live and let live type person.
If you treat the Snake right and earn their respect, they will return the favour and add immeasurably to the quality of your life.

Negative Traits:

Demanding, extravagant, fickle, high strung, impatient, indulgent, jealous, lazy, possessive, stingy, suspicious, vengeful.

More than any other sign, the Snake believes in revenge.
They do not get mad, but they do get even. Crossing a Snake is a very dangerous move.
Though the Snake may not demonstrate any anger upon learning what you have done, that does not mean it has been forgotten or forgiven.

Do not be surprised if the Snake takes what appears to be a personal interest in you.
They are happy to learn about your experiences and to have you share their knowledge with them.
In turn, you will be totally captivated by their magnificence and hang on their every word.
 Beware! The Snake's appetite is insatiable.
They will tire of you and turn to other interests long before you are ready to end the relationship.

The Snake is basically a private person; so, it is not likely you are going to be continually running into them at social functions.
In fact, more often than not they enjoy their own company more than that of other people.
They easily lose themselves in their thoughts and derive great pleasure from so doing.

Qualities Admired: Power and quality itself.

Pet Peeves: Crossing or disturbing them

The Horse


- Born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954,1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026, 2038, 2050

Independent and sporty, the Horse is the male sign.
 The often flamboyant Horse tends to be the life of the party and is great fun to be around.
They tend to love sports and, or, outdoor activities and don't mind some rough and tumble action.
They function best when they have lots of freedom.
The downside is they function poorly when bridled, e.g., tied down by routine.
 The Horse tends to be selfish and self absorbed, letting others fend for themselves, which is the Horse's preferred mode of operation.
In spite of the enthusiasm with which they begin things, they tend to lose it rather quickly. You have to work to keep their interest. Ah, but it's worth it!

Positive Traits:

Adventurous, colourful, dapper, decisive, dynamic, energetic, fun loving, independent, quick in mind and body, sociable, sporting, vivacious.

The adventurous, fun loving Horse enjoys the outdoors as well as a variety of sports. It is no chore to get you to go to the fitness centre to work out, but you truly enjoy the combination of working out and being outdoors---hiking, jogging, biking, rock wall climbing.
 The Horse is a fun member of any team and always likely to be found where the action is.

Speaking of action, the Horse can be a human dynamo.
 Furthermore, you can stay in an action mode a lot longer than the rest of us.
 Others see you as a very vivacious person due to your high energy level.
It is not only your vitality that catches our attention and wins our respect.
 You are quick in both mind and body, and cut a dapper, colourful figure as you rush in and out of our lives.
Yes, even though you are most independent, you still love to be around lots of people.
The catch is it is you who decides when and where the party will be. No one ever said you were afraid to make a decision.

Negative Traits:

Fickle, headstrong, impatient, impulsive, ostentatious, petty, rash, self indulgent, selfish, stubborn, temperamental, unstable.

Fickle, headstrong, impatient, impulsive, ostentatious, petty, rash, self indulgent, selfish, stubborn, temperamental, unstable.

The Horse has been accused of being headstrong more than once.
Add to this a stubborn streak and a bit of a temper, and you can be difficult to be around at times.

You can also be selfish and self indulgent as you pursue your interests oblivious to ours. Your pettiness is almost unbearable at times.
 It is even worse when you do not get your way.

Yes, you have to have things your way---now.
 Often impatient and rash, you engage in impulsive behaviour more than the rest of us.
In truth stability is not your strong suit.
You are fickle, especially when it comes to fashions.
 Even though you usually dress smartly and look good, that is not enough for you.
You tend to be ostentatious and not beyond trying to impress us with pretentious displays of extravagance.

Qualities Admired: Directness, ability to keep up with you.

Pet Peeves: Being held on a short leash, dwelling on your mistakes.

The Sheep

Born in 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039, 2051

Gentle and artistic, the Sheep is the feminine sign

. Don't be mislead; the Sheep can hold its own.

The gentle-hearted Muhammad Ali is arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.

 Still, they do tend to be shy and reserved.

The Sheep lady truly enjoys being a lady. Not every Sheep will become a Michelangelo of course, but many will have artistic talent and most will make sure their homes are beautifully decorated.

On the downside, the passive-aggressive Sheep can be an irritating whiner at times.

They also need lots of stroking and understanding when they go through different moods.

Nevertheless, they make good team players.

Positive Traits:

The affectionate Sheep is one of the warmest, loving and tender people you will know.

You are good hearted and genuinely care about others.

 In general you readily forgive others and rarely hold grudges.

With these qualities it is not surprising you do well in social situations.

 You are generally friendly and congenial and beautifully tactful in your choice of words.

It is not in your nature to willingly hurt anyone with meanness or a sharp tongue.

You are likely to be fashionable and refined, preferring quiet, charming social settings such as a Coy little restaurant or an art museum.

 Speaking of art, there is a good chance you are an artist yourself, and an even better one that you appreciate the aesthetics of more than one of the performing and, or, visual arts.

Finally, it must be said you are a romantic type.

 In addition to a propensity for dinner by candlelight, you also long for the pastoral. You like to spend time walking in the garden or driving through the peaceful countryside.

 And, you probably adore all the squirrels and other cute little animals you find along the way.

Negative Traits:

On the other hand, you are not that adventurous and will make sure those outings are to the most peaceful locations.

 In truth you can be quite timid and sometimes have difficulty summoning the courage to stand up for your rights or tackling a daunting project.

 You can be indecisive and vacillate between choices hoping you do not have to make one when the choice is difficult.

Your changeable nature means you can be fickle when it comes to your likes and dislikes.

 Some people probably see you as unpredictable.

 At your worst you are capricious when it comes to your responsibilities meaning you are not always that reliable.

And, when things do not go your way, or even just threaten not to go your way, you tend to become moody.

This can result in pouting and makes you tense. You are also somewhat of a worrier, which adds to your edginess.

Qualities Admired: Sensitivity, good taste.

Pet Peeves: Being ignored, rudeness.

The Monkey

Born in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, 2040, 2052

Versatile and playful, the Monkey brings a lot of joy into our lives.
They are adept at a wide range of skills and can be successful in almost any occupation.
Their innocent playfulness, coupled with sparkling charm, make them fun companions.
As with the Rat, the Monkey spends a lot of time in their heads.
 They are often artistic, clever, and, or, intellectual.
On the downside, they think and worry too much.
When young, Monkeys tend to be overly naive, eventually getting burned.
Some then become overly suspicious and unable to trust people.
 Although they are great at making the rest of us happy, they all too often have trouble making themselves happy.

Positive Traits:

Adaptable, affectionate, charming, clever, competitive, curious, perceptive, playful, sociable, sincere, versatile and witty.

Of all the signs the Monkey is most adept at bringing joy into our lives.
You thrive in social settings and are not beyond playing little games with the rest of us. It is so much fun we line up to be done in again.
You also are often witty and a good conversationalist, the person we truly want to be around at any party or social function.

You know how to turn on the charm when you want to, and that is most of the time. True, you often do it just to get your way, but when you add in your sincerity and the affection you give us, we cannot resist you.

You also have a serious and can be a formidable competitor in business or on the athletic field.
Underneath your playful exterior is a real competitive streak and loads of self confidence.
And, with your versatility, you can excel at almost anything you choose to do.
 You also are good at adapting to change or changing situations
 Only Rat sign people can match your mental agility.

Yes, you do have an active mind.
 You are naturally curious and develop a broad knowledge of many different subject areas.
 It helps that you are perceptive and pick up on things that others miss.
And, your cleverness extends to mind and body.
 You are equally at home in an auto repair shop or a research library.
And, you are a shrewd judge of character.


Negative Traits:

Conceited, critical, cunning, fanciful, jealous, mischievous, naive, opportunistic, overly imaginative, paranoid, selfish and vengeful.

Although Monkeys create a lot of joy in the world, they are unfortunately not as good at making themselves happy.
 It would not be surprising if you were naive and overly trusting when you were young, as the Monkey person often is.
 If you have been burned badly, you might have become somewhat paranoid.
You might harbour thoughts of revenge where you never would have during your years of youthful innocence.
 And, especially if you have loved and lost, you can be jealous and overly suspicious of your current partner.

Perhaps one of the reasons you might be so cautious is that you yourself have a mischievous streak
. At your worst you could be downright roguish; though; most of the time, you are just being an opportunist.
Still, with your cunning, we would be wise to watch our pockets as we shake your hand.
And, you are proud of your mental abilities and conniving ways!
 You have a tendency to be conceited, which is somewhat understandable given the ease with which you can usually bend us to your will.
 In spite of the great effort you put forth to entertain us, it is still true that your needs usually come first and your altruistic behaviour is often really self serving.
 Furthermore, your vanity enhances your tendency to criticise those less capable than you. In the end however you are more likely to hurt yourself than us.
 You can be unrealistically romantic and an over confident gambler.
That is understandable in a way given your quick mind allows you to make it
through situations that foil others.
Still, if you take enough risks, your gambling instincts could be your downfall.
Qualities Admired: A sense of hum or, mental agility.

Pet Peeves: Deceit, slowness

The Rooster

Born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041, 2053 


Particular and aggressive, the Rooster does things right and, like Will Smith, enjoys looking good while doing it.
Sharp dressers, Roosters like to strut their stuff.
They are diligent and watchful as either managers or workers and can be depended on to do a thorough, accurate job.
Self confidence is not a problem for the Rooster.
On the downside, they are often argumentative and nag frequently.
At times they can be brutally frank. They are usually absorbed with their importance and are susceptible to flattery.
So, do it. Put them on the stage as they are worthy performers.

Positive Traits:

Acute, candid, chic, confident, efficient, expressive, fearless, idealistic, orderly, refined, spunky, wry (sense of hum or), zealous.
The candid Rooster will tell you what is on their mind
. When you speak, you give a frank and honest report.
 Furthermore, it will be easily understood because of the acute expressiveness of both your words and your non verbal communication.
You have a wry sense of hum or meaning it has a clever and often ironically or grimly humorous quality about it.

You are great at doing projects thanks to your outstanding organisational skills.
 You go about your work in the most efficient manner, aided by your keen eye for detail.
 At work or play enthusiasm characterises your attitude, and it is infectious.

Another reason people rally to you is your evident self confidence which translates into a fearless approach to any situation.
 Furthermore, your idealism lends instant stature to your efforts and wins many converts to your side.

Then again, it might be you just look good. You are chic and refined and know how to make a dramatic entrance to make sure everyone else knows it.
Yes, you believe if you have it you should flaunt it.

Negative Traits:

Argumentative, boastful, bossy, carping (overly critical,) conceited, extravagant, insensitive, long-winded, narrow-minded, pretentious, selfish, tactless.
The Rooster is not only argumentative but also good at it.
Sometimes you find fault with something a person did and go on and on and on about it.
You win the Price for nagging.
You exhibit the same enthusiasm when bragging about yourself as you do when criticising others.
 Basically you are a show off.
Your tendency to extravagance really comes out when your pretentious nature reminds you of your need to impress.
In truth, you are conceited, narrow minded and selfish when at your worst.
As the Rooster struts around the barnyard revealing in being the centre of attention, so do you believe you deserve the spotlight
.In turn you direct the spotlight on others, but it is not particularly welcome much of the time.
Too often you are insensitive, bossy and tactless. Sensitivity training was designed with the Rooster in mind.
Qualities Admired: Class, organisational ability.

Pet Peeves: Incompetence, messiness.

The Dog

 Born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042, 2054

Loyal and protective, the Dog makes a great friend or family member and inspires the confidence of everyone around them.

They have a strong sense of justice and duty.

They aggressively defend their rights and are not afraid to speak up on behalf of others.

 The Dog is very protective of family and anything entrusted to their care.

 They're not that social but will sacrifice everything for family.

 The Dog is a natural pessimist and a worrier---many becoming quite cynical.

 They tend to be introverts who rarely show their feelings and usually hate crowds.

Still, you want the honest, hard-working Dog on your team.

Positive Traits:

The Honourable Dog is the sign most likely to speak out about wrongs in the world and to call for justice.

You have a strong sense of fair play and are usually forthright and outspoken.

This makes you the perfect spokesperson for those who cannot or would not speak up for themselves.

You are most likely a valued member of your family as well as your community.

You tend to be very protective of family members and are likely to enjoy celebrating your country's independence day with your family.

 Loyalty and patriotism are near and dear to your heart.

 You respect the flag and are moved in your heart when the national anthem is played at a sporting event.

 Although you are outspoken, you are not one to rail against your country, and you are discreet and can be trusted to hold what we tell you in confidence.

This, plus your sincerity and kindness makes you a most desirable friend.

 In fact you are almost as concerned and protective of your friends as you are of your family.

 You are not a materialist but rather one who derives the most pleasure from love and family.

 Your concern extends to all humanity, and you are altruistic by nature. You prefer to use your material gains to help others.

Your other gentler qualities include the fact that you most often are slow to anger yet quick to recover.

You are not one to nag and nitpick.

Rather, you tend to be in control of your emotions.

You also have excellent powers of discernment. In other words, you choose your battles carefully.

This makes you easy to get along with on a day to day basis and a valued team member at work.

Negative Traits:

The Dog is perhaps the most pessimistic sign in the Chinese zodiac.

 You have a tendency to look at what is wrong with things or at what you might be lacking.

This causes you anxiety and makes you fret excessively, especially during those times when you do not think you are good enough for whatever.

 When you fail to solve the problems of the world you might become bitter and cynical.

When it comes to individual people, you are usually slow to form judgements; however, there often is a narrow mindedness to your way of thinking.

You tend to see things in black and white.

 And, when you make a judgement, you tenaciously cling to your ideas and rarely change your mind.

You are also rather thick skinned; however, you can be extremely suspicious or defencive when a family member or friend is potentially threatened or actually attacked either verbally or physically.

 Sometimes your anger flares up almost instantaneously and violently as your protective urge moves you to action.

 On the other hand, your reserved nature can actually be a negative in family matters.

You tend to be subdued, not one given to continuous displays of affection.

There may however be times when family members require more warmth than you provide.

There is one other way you can inadvertently hurt the people around you.

Your sense of justice often causes you to make judgements about others and to criticise their actions or motivations.

 Furthermore, you sometimes rashly categorise people and put them into little boxes.

Having done that, you are not beyond giving severe tongue lashings to those that fall in the wrong box or those in the right box when they step out of line by your

reckoning. By nature you are not exactly a diplomatic critic---even when dealing with the ones you most love.

Qualities Admired: Loyalty, devotion to family.

Pet Peeves: Injustice, nosiness.

The Pig

Born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2020, 2031, 2043

Pure hearted and hedonistic, the Pig is the last but not least of the 12 signs.
 If for no other reason, Pigs have more fun.
Who can't help but like the easy going, helpful, courteous and kindly Pig?
They make great friends and sensual lovers.
 Yes, Pigs love anything that appeals to the senses, music, Jacuzzis, and of course good food and drink.
And, no one more optimistically looks forward to the joys of retirement.
 On the down side, Pigs are often naive and trusting to a fault. It's no challenge to con a Pig.
 They're not that great when it comes to managing money either. And, they can be impulsive, often reacting to a situation without thinking.
 These faults and a gentle nature often mask the Pig's very real inner strength.

Positive Traits:

Chivalrous, good natured, hard working, honest, intellectual, kind, polite, pragmatic, resilient, sociable, strong willed, and studious.

The Pig, the last sign of the Chinese zodiac, is clear evidence of the old saying, nice guys finish last.
You are honest, good hearted and present a kindly face to friends and strangers alike.
Your affection is genuine, and your love has no bounds.
You are usually very chivalrous.
Courtesy and generosity are a way of life with you.

Being a social animal you have many opportunities to exhibit those qualities.
You tend to be naturally happy, due in no small part because you most often avoid making judgements and see the good side of people.
 You are no punster, but you probably have a nice, earthy sense of hum or.
All in all, you are pleasant, cheerful, co operative and normally do well in group situations.
Although the Pig is a member of the gentle group (Rabbit-Sheep-Pig), you do have an inner strength beneath that congenial exterior.
 Although it is true you play hard, you also work hard when work needs to be done.
You also tend to be very resilient, not easily worn down by life's challenges.
And, you are probably strong-willed.

Your fixed element is Water, which means you also have an intellectual side.
 You may not be a scholar, but you tend to like school in general and reading in particular.
You also are a bit more logical and practical than your heart sign might otherwise suggest.

Negative Traits:

Complaisant, egotistical, gluttonous, lenient, long winded, naive, self centred, self destructive, stubborn, slow of mind, superficial and wanton.

It is rather easy to take advantage of the good natured Pig.
You can be extremely naive in the amount of trust given to other people, especially when it is probably not warranted.
You are also most likely complaisant, meaning you are too accommodating. You give in too easily to others' wishes.
 In truth more often than not you are simply a soft touch.
 This is particularly the case when you are in a position of authority where you are too lenient more times than perhaps you should be.
 It must be said that not all your faults are due to you being overly nice.
There is another side to you. You have a tendency to be self centred and egotistical.
Although you have a genuine humanitarian streak, the truth is you usually put your needs first.
Probably because you occasionally think you know it all, you tend to be long winded.
People occasionally just have to break in and tell you to shut up.

This loquaciousness can bother people in another way.
 The fact is you tend to be superficial.
After a while your talk can just seem repetitive.
Furthermore, you are probably not known as a quick thinker, but you do have a fairly quick temper.

All in all, you are relatively harmless when it comes to others, but it is a different story when it comes to yourself.
When apparently overcome by events you can enter into your self destructive mode.
 It can manifest itself as gluttony or just plain sadness.
You are easily disheartened when slandered and saddened when your feelings are hurt, you experience disappointments, or just see others being sad.
 At your worst you engage in wanton pursuit of pleasure.

Qualities Admired: Integrity, sensuality.

Pet Peeves: A "heavy" (oppressive) atmosphere, fanaticism.

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