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Pendulums have been used as a magical /psychic tool for centuries.

They are made from a variety of materials such as crystal, wood, man-made crystal or metals like brass, copper and silver.

Shapes differ from long pointed crystals to those similar to a plum-bob used in building.

Hair and rings are also used.

I feel you have to let your intuition guide you to find one that feels ‘right’ and ‘comfortable’ to use.

The string or chain that you dangle it from, in my opinion, should be around 10 inches to allow it to swing freely

Grasp the pendulum cord firmly between your thumb and index finger and allow the pendulum to dangle free, I like to let the cord drape over my index finger to allow the pendulum to move freely

When the pendulum has stopped moving, ask to be shown the movement for yes, take note of which way it moves.

Usually it’s a circle for yes and a straight line for no

Next, ask to be shown the movement for no

Repeat several times to get the pendulum clearly showing a response.

Next ask simple yes no questions that you know the answer to

When you feel confident that you can tell yes from no ask your question

Pendulums are often used in healing work to highlight troubled areas or to balance chakras or energy centres.
Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, the crystals metaphysical and spiritual folk lore are meant as a guide only for educational purposes, not prescription or healthcare treatment. Crystals are a holistic complementary support aid
There is no scientific evidence to support crystals healing abilities
Please consult a Doctor for your health care needs



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