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Manifestation crystals are recognized by a small crystal totally enclosed within a larger crystal.
they are very rare.
Spiritual/folk lore

  The use of the manifestation crystal requires the inner knowledge that one is a clear and perfect channel

Our manifestation crystals are hand picked and lovely wrapped with handmade sterling silver

Each crystal has its own unique energy.

Manifestation (also called Inner Child) crystals

Manifestation crystals are very exceptional as they have the ability to pick up on potentials and bring this into a reality for our greatest good.

Manifestation crystals connect to the energy of creativity and drive, while assisting in releasing negative energies, trauma and experiences from one’s past. 

Manifestation crystals nourish and strengthen all creative endeavours: the arts, business, spiritual development, science, etc 

  Meditation with these crystals give insights as to the significance of their arrival at this time. It is a time of transformation. Old ways  are collapsing; external - social, political, economic, as well as internal – spiritual, emotional, mental. 

Mother Earth has presented us with tools to influence the forms of the new ways of being.

According to Brazilian suppliers, the supply of manifestation crystals fluctuates significantly. No manifestation crystals are found for long periods of time.  Then, suddenly, they are plentiful.

Like the Leumarian crystals they come to us in our time of need

Suggestions for use: I find that no matter how you choose to use them the results are truly remarkable.. my favourite ways are to wear them or meditate with them  

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, the crystals metaphysical and spiritual folk lore are meant as a guide only for educational purposes, not prescription or healthcare treatment. Crystals are a holistic complementary support aid
There is no scientific evidence to support crystals healing abilities
Please consult a Doctor for your health care needs


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