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The Crystal Tree dances to its own magical spiritual tune, often represents a group (family, community, or business) moving together as one.

As majestic guardians, trees provide homes for all creatures, a source of medicines of the past, and the air we breathe is improved by their presence.

A tree is often referred to as the home, a wide variety of creatures including insects and birds create their homes in trees and let us not forget the building materials for our homes trees have provided for us.

Several varieties of trees have provide natural medicinal uses, such as the Willow Tree, which contains a pain relief much like aspirin. They assist in providing fresh clean air we breathe in the process called photosynthesis.

As Guardians trees have a very special  place in the world we all live in.

In  spiritual circles Trees have been considered connection and communicators, delivering the messages of our wishes and prayers as well as delivering messages to us from the heavens and of the ancients.

Trees  have been said to be Earth's efforts to speak to the Heavens and the Forest/Groves were "God's first temples".

Celts used groves of Trees as a place to worship, Trees hearing their wishes/prayers and then the Trees send those wishes to the heavens.

Native people refer to Trees as Standing People, to hear our words when we speak to them and give us messages (if we listen). In other belief systems, churches or chapels were often set within groves of Trees, because the natural setting was found to be powerfully peaceful and spiritual.

Tree of Life is a symbol about unity, communication, and connection, combine this with the energy of the crystals, the crystal tree can become a very magical tool
Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, the crystals metaphysical and spiritual folk lore are meant as a guide only for educational purposes, not prescription or healthcare treatment. Crystals are a holistic complementary support aid
There is no scientific evidence to support crystals healing abilities
Please consult a Doctor for your health care needs



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