Tarot and Oracle School


Ever wanted to learn to read Tarot or Oracle Cards?

 have you brought some cards and want to learn to use them?

Do you want to improve your card reading skills?

So what's the difference between Tarot and Oracle Cards ?

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Have been around since the 1400's but became popular more popular and main stream around 1909 when the Rider Waite Tarot Deck was launched. 
  • Most Tarot decks have 78 cards, there are the odd set that have 82 or 83 
The decks all have 4 suits similar to basic playing cards, these cards are know as the minor arcana.
The rest of the deck is made up of 22 cards known as the major arcana.
  • There are so many beautiful Tarot decks on the market, the difference is not the structure or meanings of the cards in the deck its the artists interpretation of the card.  
  • Tarot take a reasonable amount of commitment there is a lot to learn
  • Tarot are a very good at telling the past present and future, a great divination tool 
  • Tarot offer a lot more details than oracle cards 
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Oracle cards have become the most popular form of card decks.
  • most decks have around 44 cards, there is some variation between decks 
  • oracle cards can loosely be be divided in 4 categories
Divination, affirmation, ascension and learning based 
  • compared to Tarot they are much easier to use as there is usually an explanation writen on the bottom of each card

So where do I start ??

                                                       Need one on one Sessions ?
The Lets get Started Tarot and Oracle Courses are here to help you
These are courses that have all the basics for the beginner 
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