AED Debrillator on Site

What is an AED?

An AED (defibrillator) is  life saving equipment used when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

It delivers a short, powerful electric shock to the heart, helping the heart to regain its natural rhythm

Why do we have an AED?

To give the public access to life saving equipment

Each year more than 1000 New Zealanders will suffer a heart attack outside of hospital. Many of these people have no prior symptoms and get no warning, and less than 5 - 8% will survive if they don’t receive immediate treatment

Dialling 111 and performing CPR is not always enough to prevent death, however use of defibrillators can increase the chance of survival by up to 40%.

Who can use an AED?

Anyone can

just push the "on" button

AEDs are designed to be easy to operate, with automated ‘talking’ instructions to help the user.

AEDs differ a little in design but they all work the same
Don't forget to get someone to ring 111 

 We also carry medical equipment to help with breathing in the case of a cardiac event. 

Our onsite Registered Nurse has had many years experience with emergency situations, and is working on an awareness and education programme for the surrounding business.

Can I do CPR while the AED is on?

Start doing CPR as soon as possible and don't stop, the AED pads are placed so you can continue CPR while they are being put on.

The AED will tell you

  • when you need to stop doing CPR
  • when you need to push the "shock" button
  • when you need to restart CPR
  • the AED will also help you get your CPR right
All you have to do is listen and follow the instructions

How do I know where to find an AED?
Look for this sign, most business' with an AED will display this sign
AED App for Smart Phones
We have in New Zealand an app for smart phones, that gives the location of AEDs.
for more information please go to

our AED-520
just push the on button
                Our aim is that all the shops and business around us will know the basics on how the AED works and where it is located.
 AED Success Story's
These are real events but in order to protect peoples privacy we have not used peoples names or named places

Recently a client in our shop told us about their experience with an AED.

He was at a conference in Auckland, there were around a thousand people attending. During one of the keynote speakers address a man sitting a couple of rows in front slumped over and fell to the floor.

As luck would have it people around him started CPR and the ambulance was called.

The venue had an AED which was set up, the AED delivered 2 shocks and the man regained consciousness and was talking by the time the ambulance crew arrived.

Our client had heard that the man made a good recovery thanks to a wonderful effort by the people that witnessed the event.


Another person we know shared this experience with us

They were at a first aid course learning CPR and were role playing.

One lady started complaining of chest pain for a few minutes everyone thought she was doing a really good job of acting. The lady became pale and sweaty and collapsed.

As luck would have it people around knew how to do CPR and had an AED. Their efforts saved this lady's life