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The Sacred Oracle of Feathers

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44 card Oracle deck created in New Zealand, the feathers that are used for the images are hand painted

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The Sacred Oracle of Feathers


the sacred oracle of feathers 10-760

About Wendy the Author

At age 4, I had a vision of a large lady sitting at a table with a crystal ball and some tarot cards.

How I wanted to be her.

I grew up close to the Waipou Kauri Forest, watching all the native birds going about their day.

Often camping in that forest, I felt at peace and connected to the trees and birds, a feeling that remains with me today.

I currently live on the Coromandel Peninsula close to native bush, birds, and the sea.

Now, so many years later, when I look in the mirror, I see the lady from that vision looking back at me, the reader with the crystal ball.

My crystal ball was a little larger than I expected, as it became a shop full of beautiful new age gifts and tools to help people heal and pursue their own spiritual journeys.

That early vision shaped my life, urging me forward to investigate every avenue of the psychic world.

Becoming the best psychic, I could be, became my life mission.

This led me to train with all kinds of Angel experts.

I also was able to develop my psychic and mediumship skills with Lisa Williams, one of the most talented mediums in the world.

Under Lisa’s guidance I have become a Master Teacher in Training; so now I am privileged to help other people develop their gifts and bring more light and magic into the world.

About Tracy the artist

Hi, my name is Tracy Lynette Johnson.

I was born in Perth, W.A.

In 1970 my parents were living in Meekatharra.

We came back to live in Colville NZ in 1972, where our family has ties to the land. I went to school in Colville and later Coromandel Area School.

I grew up in Colville on the Coromandel Peninsula.

I have always had a passion for painting & did try art school but wasn't good enough to get in; yes, I was told to “go back to where you came from, all you are good for is working on a farm”.

So, I taught myself to be an artist, plus, it's in my veins. as Artists go back several generations on both sides of the family.

I am lucky to have had an artistic connection to several family members, one being my great, great, Grandfather Joseph Mackenzie who was a silversmith, landscape painter and one of the secretaries of the Huddersfield Art society in the UK, back in the day.

I have always enjoyed doing crafty stuff and have had a turn at creating concrete statues, dream catchers, murals, sign writing, pointillism painting, tattooing and am currently enjoying painting on feathers.

I am lucky to have had one or two mentors during this time, but otherwise I am mainly self-taught.

Seek peak at the guide book (1)-525

Sacred Oracle of Feathers (1)-995

New Zealand is know as A-232

sacred oracle of feathers 3-521

sacred oracle of feathers 4-793

20231223 075435-370

IMG 20231225 174348-569

IMG 20231225 174731-663

IMG 20231227 141344-41

IMG 20231227 141509-474

IMG 20231227 141817-154

Untitled design (42)-860
Edges are all holographic 

Feed back on The Sacred Oracle of Feathers Deck

Wendy!!! Literally in tears Thank you so much, these are so stunning, I literally cried Already tried my first one and it was exactly what I needed to hear- They are the most beautiful pack I have ever seen, can’t thank you enough 'T'



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