Student Feedback


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What people are saying about Wendy's Mentorship and Guidance

I had wanted to join a spiritual development group for years, so I decided to ask advice from “that nice lady at The Crystal Ball Clinic”. 
When Wendy invited me to join the group she herself taught I was so excited, and I had no idea of the absolutely amazing journey I was now beginning.
Under careful guidance from Wendy, at each session she would introduce us to a new aspect of the spiritual world, and I was always fascinated to hear the rest of the group share their experiences after our weekly meditations.
My own personal development has helped me to progress to levels of understanding in mediumship I never imagined possible and Wendy has been there for me every step of the way.
And while she is always ready and willing to answer my many questions, she has encouraged me to think for myself and trust my intuition.
How grateful I am that my Guardian Angels led me to “that nice lady at the Crystal Ball Clinic”.
How fortunate I am to have Wendy as my guide, my mentor, my teacher and now also my friend.


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I have been wanting to start working in the spiritual field myself as a healer and couldn't find anyone to work through this until I found Wendy at The Crystal Ball Clinic. It was amazing she told me what I should be doing which was exactly what I wanted to be doing. Wendy has given me the push I needed and I cant wait for my next session.
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I had wanted to learn Reiki for a long time but hadn't found the right person until I met Wendy, the attunements blew me away. Wendy did them through taking me through meditation, the light, the feelings, the feeling of warmth and elation is hard to describe. thank you so much
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Wendy's Mentorship and Reiki Attunements
I had been looking for someone to do Reiki Attunements with and after meeting Wendy I decided that I would do them with her.

When we did the Reiki One and Two attunements I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Wendy put me at ease and we did a meditation together as she passed the attunements. Not long after we started the meditation it was like someone turned the lights on full, the light was so bright (even though the only light in the room was a small lamp) the light came from above my head and covered my whole body. It was the most incredible experience for the first time ever I saw an angel.
After the meditation Wendy told me about what she had seen, wow she was so right about what she said.

When I did my masters attunement with Wendy I was so excited, when she sat down she let her guide talk to me.

Wendy's guide spoke to me about how I was developing spiritually and how I could improve for nearly and hour and a half, this was the most helpful information I have ever been given and I could identify with everything said.

This process has been amazing I am now working in the healing field myself and am so grateful for the help and guidance I received.

I would recommend Wendy.

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I had been looking everywhere for someone to help me with my spiritual path when I came into the Crystal Ball Clinic one day.

I chose some amazing crystals and as Wendy wrapped them up we began talking about what I had been searching for.

Thanks to her careful guidance I am now a Reiki Master and doing readings for clients.

Not only has my spiritual knowledge increased but I as a person have grown and I have let go a lot of past issues. I feel so very different about life now.

Thank you so much Wendy for being there.


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