Spiritual Development


You have felt spirits call so now what ?

When faced with a journey we will all chose different roads to get to our destination

We don't all choose to drive the same car to get to our destination

We don't all arrive at the same time some speed others have cruise control

My job is to be a sign post to point you in the right direction,
to help you make the most of your gifts, some you may have already discovered
and those beautiful gifts your have yet to discover

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A lot of my work over the past few years has been guiding me towards acting as a mentor encouraging and steering people to move forward on their spiritual journey, and to let their inner light shine.

With the help of my Guides and Angels I have been running development circles for many years and seen the joy opening up to the spirit world brings.

While completing my Master Teacher Training I worked on developing courses from Self Care to Mediumship, while mentoring students to pass their Psychic Medium exams.
I am so proud of what my students have achieved, and know that they will help many people with their special gifts.

This work is sharing the most sacred part of life and
I am really excited to be offering a space for people to learn, grow and heal.

I hope to also have an on demand library established soon so learning can be done at your own time.

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I offer a free 15 minute consultation if you need some help deciding how to move forward with 
developing your gifts

If you would like a book a consultation please contact me. 

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A little while ago I received a message from a guide I work with and I would like to share this with you 
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