Mentorship for Psychic, Medium and Healing

Are you ready to take your Spiritual practice to a new level?

Have you been wanting to start your Reading or Healing business but need the help to do so?

My Spiritual Support Team is Spirit is here to help
Email me (1)-88

My role is to help you be the best Psychic, Medium, Healer, Reader you can be 
I was so lucky when I first started my journey to have an amazing mentor that did a lot of one on one work with me.
With my Guides and helpers in Spirit we are here to help you 

We start with a free consultation with you and discuss your needs, your goals, dreams and desires, where you want to take your gift 

Email me-821

I then set up an individual Mentorship Package
and over 6 lesson sessions of 90 minutes duration we work on your programme and set you some homework

You can choose your spacing whether it be once a week or once a month, we can work on this together 

Email me (2)-295

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