DIY Self Spiritual/Psychic Cleansing

Spiritual/Psychic cleansing is done for several reasons, in my experience the main ones include
  • Picking up negative energy and feelings from people or places ( 11 life path people are very susceptible)
* an example of this would be a couple move into a house where there has been a relationship breakup previously and they start having relationship problems.
* another example would be other people leaving you feeling drained and tired
* feeling ill at ease around certain people
  • After trauma like death or personal attacks like robbery
* the energy of the event can often hang like a big black cloud in your aura
  • Spiritual practioners should practice a form of cleansing on a regular basis
*when dealing with clients many spiritual people are empaths and absorb other peoples pain
  • If you feel there has been a psychic attack or attachments
*a good example of this is after a nasty relationship breakup
you can start getting back/neck pain that is medically unexplained, in my experience is often all the negative thoughts and words of the other person being absorbed by our aura.
The Protective Barrier
There are lots of different methods, sometimes one or a combination of different methods are used. I think the first step is putting up a protective barrier around yourself especially when dealing with negative people or going out in crowds ie supermarket.
An Angelic Shield
My favourite shield is asking "Arch Angel Michael to please protect me and this space"
Arch Angel Michael is the Arch Angel of protection and courage and is not limited to time or space so he can be with many people at the same time. It is something that you can ask at anytime.
The Witches Shield
A circle of protection is magically cast around you.
This circle lets love through but sends any form of negativity back to whomever it came from.
The simplest method of this is to pour a ring of salt.
Before you seal the circle ask that all negativity be banished from this circle.
Sit in the middle of this circle and light a candle. 
Ask for help/assistance of Guides, Ascended Masters or those spiritual beings you align your beliefs and practices with.
Take an athame or white handled knife as you say your prayer draw a circle in the air around you
an example of a prayer/spell that maybe said at this time (writing your own is just as good)

Ring of light that's not in plain sight

Keep me safe by day and night

Surround me with all the protective powers there can be
                    Make it strong and sound to repell the harmful and negative 
so mote it be
repeat the prayer 3 times
Give thanks to your spirit helpers as you put out the candle
Clean up
This ritual is best done with the full moon or just after the full moon                            
Repeat when you feel the need and at least once a year
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The White Light Shield (Gods Light Shield)
I prefer to ask for Gods Light rather than white light (its a personal choice)
example of a simple prayer for this ( formulating your own is good too)
Mother Father God
Please be with me always

Please let your loving light fill my being always

Please let your loving light of protection enfold me always

Thank you
Sit quietly, a meditation type state is advised and envisage being  surround completely by God's loving light.
For me this comes as a beautiful gold pyramid, it may be different for each person.
This is quite a beautiful protective shield to use when meditating or when need to bring peace, love and harmony into your life.
Carrying a Talisman  
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A wide variety of talisman can be used the most popular choices are
  • crystals such as amethyst, onyx and tourmaline
  • medicine bags
  • symbols like the cross, the pentagram, the eye of Horus,
  • hex breaking symbols and runes (there are many of these crossing a wide variety of cultural beliefs.)
Methods of Cleansing
I have listed guidelines of a few different methods,
its about choosing the method/s that you feel comfortable with

Smudging using White Sage
Smudging is one of the most popular forms of cleansing.
It is a good idea to prepare yourself for cleansing and set the intent of being free from excess/negative energies.
I like to shower first wash with white sage soap, then put on fresh clean clothes.
(this is not an essential step; it is a ritual I like to do)
Ask for help from your Guides, Angels and the Spiritual beings you work with. You may at this time like to light a white candle or a sage candle to help set your intention
I also like to use drumming music or Doreen Virtues Chakra Cleansing CD ( Doreen's CD has angelic invocations that clear spaces)
You can either use white sage leaves or a white sage smudge stick, light the leaves dab the flame out so the sage smokes and starting at your head (crown chakra), brush the smoke close to your body using your hand or a fan.
Systematically work your way down your whole body front and back. Your sage stick/leaves may need relighting remember you don't want flame you want smoke.
When you finish stub out the sage, you can save it for another day. I leave mine in a fireproof dish in the sink for a couple of hours to make sure its out completely before I store it away.
Put out your candle and give thanks for spiritual assistance.
Repeat this cleansing as often as you feel the need to.
White Sage Spray
White Sage spray is now available, use the same method as smudging.
This is a very effective and easy method of cleansing
White Sage Incense
 Incense can be used as a cheaper alternative to smudge sticks both for personal and space cleansing purposes

incense cone whi-170
White Sage Soap
This comes in a bar of normal looking vegetable based soap and is a great way to cleanse the whole family.
Its such a lovely soft soap that everybody loves it.
When I open it I ask for blessings and cleansing for everyone that uses it, before I put it out for use.
Palo Santo
Is the South American equivalent to White Sage.
It comes in sticks and incense and is used just like White Sage.
Brush Down
This is a little thing I teach people.
Imagine you are having a bad day ie the boss is grumpy
We all get a chance to duck off to the toilet, while you have a couple of minutes to yourself.
You can do this as often as you feel the need
The Angels know we go to the toilet to get rid of waste, so its a great time to get rid of negativity thoughts and energy
Ask Mother/Father God whoever it is you believe in
"if this isn't mine please take it away"
Brush yourself down with your hands
When you flush the toilet exhale deeply and visualize all negativity being flushed away
As you wash your hands visualize everything negative being washed away
Cleansing and Balancing
There are a lot of very good Reiki and Healing Practioners;
shop around for someone you feel comfortable with.
Rosemary is an excellent protective herb.
Bay leaves have similar uses.
Rosemary can be dried and burnt with the sage or afterwards
I always think of white sage being like spiritual fly spray, it kills the flies but eventually they come back.
Using Rosemary with or after white sage is like shutting the door after you have sprayed so the flies cant come back