Spell for Selling your House


I find this is best done over several days

This is my method of doing it and I have found it has worked for me every time I have used it

This is best done after the full moon while the moon is waning

This is all about removing the obstacles to selling or letting go your house.

I go through and scrub the house from top to bottom and then do a cleansing.

Often we form cords or attachments to our home some of them can be positive and some negative when we cant sell a house it is often these attachments that stop us moving on with our lives.

The other thing I have noticed is that often we are stopped selling our houses until its the right time.

This is an example of divine timing often we have to wait until the home we are meant to have is being sold.

I set my intent by asking the Angels for help for my greatest good. Ask whom you a line your spiritual beliefs with

Light a black candle as you do ask that "all obstacles be removed from selling your house, and any attachments there are be severed"

Light this candle over 3 days try and burn it for at least 2 hours a day

Every time you see the candle reaffirm your intent to sell

You might like to write this request on a piece of paper and burn it each day before you put the candle out.

Thank you Angels for helping


The Spell

Best done with the new moon or before the moon comes full.

Take an image of Saint Joseph he is the Saint of home and children

Bury this image outside your front door facing the road, make sure the image is head down 

After you have done this light a green candle and say (you can make up your own wording )

"Dearest St Joseph please bring me a sale that's quick and fair"

I also ask for Angels help as well " please bring me/us the sale that is best for me/us"

Repeat the lighting of the candle and prayer for 3 days

You may wish to write the prayer down and burn it each day

As you put the candle out thank St Joseph and the other spiritual beings you work with.

sold sign



Its time to let go

See the sold sign on your house

Know that the price will be right and the right person will come along at the right time