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My name is Pete (Rembrandt)

And I’m a Leo

The company was started on the 13th of September 2002

The business name came from the idea of starting something for the future, and as we all know the crystal ball is a tool to see the future.

The skills I bring to the company include 10 years as a photojournalist working for the largest Tattoo and Bike magazines in New Zealand and Australia. My photos of Tattoo and Bike events have been published all over the world.

I have also spent some time as an educational writer; writing unit standards for the NZQA frame work.

I am trained in resuscitation techniques and AED external defibrillation

The shop has opened up new avenues for me to explore.

I love learning about the swords and other items we stock (there is something really primal about a sword).

Meeting new and interesting people is a great joy, we have such a diversity of true “characters” here in the Coromandel; and they all seem to find their way into the shop at some point.

I look forward to each day, as no two days are ever the same in this shop.






My name is Wendy

And I’m a Scorpio

You will find I am always studying or learning something

I worked as a Registered General and Obstetric Nurse for 22 years mostly in Intensive Care and Accident/ Emergency. Some of this time was spent as Supervising/Charge Nurse.

I am a descendant of Florence Nightingale.

During this time I spent a lot of time gathering extra qualifications in areas like wound management, triage, and oncology. I have been a certified Cervical Smear taker, and Ear suctioning Nurse

 I am committed to continuing ongoing education.

I have an Advanced Medical Diploma and several Massey papers in human development and related subjects. I have also had papers published in books through Massey University as well.

I became unfulfilled with the hospital health system several years ago, hence the change from hospital based nursing.

As a stroke of fate my daughter decided to get a piercing and it was then we realised no one around Thames was doing body piercing so a few courses later I found myself doing body piercing. 

I have co written a Body Piercing course that was sent to Otago Medical University and commended for its standard.

I have been trained by The New Look Laser College in the USA in tattoo removal techniques as well as other laser services. So I hold certification in Laser Safety, and Laser Specialist.

I have Certification in Aural Health and Ear Suctioning

I am trained in resuscitation techniques and AED external defibrillation and do refresher courses in advanced life support regularly

I am responsible for sterilisation and healthcare standards at The Crystal Ball Clinic, and am a member of the Sterilization Association of New Zealand.

I am also the webmaster so any errors in spelling and grammar are all mine lol

I am a Certified Psychic Medium with The Lisa William's School of Spiritual Development, the testing was awesome and Lisa really pushes you to be the best you can.

I also have an International Masters Degree in Reiki,

I have achieved  Dr Doreen Virtue's certification as an Angel Intuitive and as a Medium.

I have also completed Doreen Virtues Certified Card reader course..

I have also completed a Certified Crystal Reading Course

I have also studied quantum physics, past life regression,and grief counselling with internationally recognised medium and author Sandra Anne Taylor.

I do have an interest in forensic psychic work

I am a Bioptron Practioner with an Advanced Light and Colour Certification

My earliest memories involve clairvoyant abilities, it is something that runs in my family.

My great Grandmother received a message in a dream one night that her house was going to burn down while she was bathing my Grandfather who was about 6 months old at the time. Sure enough as these things happen she was bathing him and suddenly remembered her dream she went to check and sure enough the house was on fire. Great Grandma managed to get all the children to safety before the house burnt to the ground. 

During my life these abilities have become a large part of who I am. For the last 27 years I have been doing readings for clients.

I have been writing horoscopes for radio and newspaper for the last 7 years.

I spent around 18months doing 0900 tarot reading which was heaps of fun, I left to devote time to training with an English medium and healer Jean.

 Jean teaches the White Eagle spiritual path, over two years she taught me what it means to truly be a spiritual medium and psychic.

That was a long time ago now but I could never have wished for a better teacher, her teachings remain with me today.

I have always had an interest in Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry and teach these whenever I get the chance.

I have also studied shamanic practises and rites with Corinna Granddaughter of Crazy Horse, my given Indian name translates to Red Bear Woman.

I have had the pleasure of meeting my Indian guide for this life time and together we continue to learn from spirit.

Given my Celtic origin I have also delved into the way of the witch in healing and magic, after studying I became very interested in the writings of John Dee and the principals of Angel magic and practice this form of healing magic.

My birth surname name is one letter different to the rune that means new beginnings.

I enjoy making mediation CD's and doing some mentorship for people

I also like to bake.... check out some of my recipes


                                                          Support Crew
Head of security
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AKA Isis


                                           BC likes to keep an eye on things

IMG 0867-631

Harry Potfur  Our undercover agent


                                                 Lex our trainee clairvoyant

                                               and Zara our spiritual advisor


Zara and BC goofing off

Lilly the weekend security guard
IMG 1480-673
Lilly loves to sleep late

IMG 1651-796
Lilly and Anupuss BFFs

Photos from some of the courses Wendy has been on


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Wendy with Dr Steven Farmer author, Soul Healer, shamanic practitioner,
and spiritual teacher

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Doreen Virtue at one of the many angel courses Wendy has been on.
Photo taken by Wendy