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Readings with Wendy

I have been reading for clients professionally for nearly 30 years

My aim is to empower and enhance the lives of others through my spiritual work.

Readings provide the insight, encouragement and guidance you need to get through life’s challenges, and move forward with peace and confidence under the loving guidance of your family in spirit.

I communicate with your loving spirit guides, angels and family, messages are passed for your greatest good.

Wendy now has her own website


.My childhood visions of the spirit world  lead to a life long fascination with anything magical, angelic and psychic.

Healing people was always something that captured my passion so when I left school I trained and worked as a registered nurse for 22 years comforting and helping people heal.

In my late 20's I began focusing on developing my natural gifts more and started training with an English medium who had trained at White Eagle Lodge. This amazing lady worked with me for two years laying down the foundations of my spiritual work.

Find out more about White Eagles teachings

I am an Angel Intuitive graduate, this course with Doreen Virtue has helped me work with angel



Medium ship

As my talents developed  I realized what a big difference this can make in someone's life by passing messages on from the spirit world. I began focusing on medium work ( bringing messages through from deceased loved ones) and combine this with my readings.

I have completed my medium ship training with Dr Doreen Virtue PHD

This training has opened up a lot for me both as a person and professionally.

For  more information on medium ship


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I have also completed Angel and Angel tarot card reading courses,( both the certification and advanced courses) with Doreen Virtue in order to help people learn skills to read for themselves and others


Quantum Physics Life Coaching

I am currently waiting for certification after completing a 2 year course especially tailored for Mediums to help people release their grief whether it be from this lifetime or previous life times.


I am an International Reiki Master and Teacher. Reiki attunements and sessions can be booked either in person or by distance. 

Forensic Psychic Work

I do have an interest in forensic psychic work, and volunteered at Findme   

 A volunteer organization dedicated to helping find missing people around the world. Psychics from all around the world volunteer their time to work together to help families find their missing loved ones. There is an interesting article in The New Zealand Woman's Day January 8th 2012.

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Who do I work with in the Spirit Realm?

I get asked this often, we are surrounded by Angels, Guides, and family. It is usually a combination of these beings that are used to bring through loving guidance to help and heal you along life's journey.


Your Reading in Person


My approach to your reading is left up to the Angels surrounding you.

I have complete unconditional trust in the spirit world to guide me as to what is right for you.

Your reading should be all about you, and how you are feeling, how you are coping with life and what you can do to make a difference in your world.

I believe this is confidential information for you only, if you chose to share this with others so be it, but its not my place to do so.

It is also my place not to judge you, we are all hard enough on ourselves, my readings are about bringing love and assistance through for you.

I usually start a reading with looking at your birth date and doing a small numerology reading. then move on to doing clairvoyance/medium ship and tarot.

Having said this sometimes I start and end up not doing anything but medium ship, or we just look at where life is going I know what is given is right.

  I enjoy helping others embrace their spiritual gifts. If you are interested talk to me about mentorship.

Before the Reading
  • I like the client to write out questions at home before the reading but not essential.
  • Making a list in your head is just as good the spirit world do get the message
  • I prefer not to look at the list till afterwards.
 After I have finished doing the reading we look at the list, it always brings a smile to my face when the spirit world have answered all the questions on the list.

If you have questions please ask, your reading is about helping YOU.

Recording your Reading

We can also put your readings on CD for you to keep, this costs an extra $5 and is posted or collected from the shop the next day. Please ask when booking and remind me at the start of the session.

 30 minute Reading

Cost $50.00 NZD bookings are essential

 1 Hour  Reading

Cost $90 NZD bookings are essential  

Combination Readings/Healing Sessions 


These are becoming really popular
30minute Reading and an Aura Reading and Healing
This takes an hour sometimes we overrun by 5 or 10 minutes
  • We start with the Aura Photo and I do an Aura reading for you. Then we do some healing work and do another Aura photo and look at the difference the healing has made.
  • We then do a 30 minute general reading
  • Booking essential   Cost $100 NZD

Aura Photo/Reading and 30 minute Reading
Takes 45 to 50 minutes
  • We do your Aura Photo and then an Aura Reading, then a 30 minute general Reading
  • Booking essential Cost $75NZD
1 Hour Reading plus a Palm Reading and Aura Photo/Reading
Takes 2hours
  • Booking essential  cost $180NZD
2 hour Session with Wendy
  • We can do a combination of Readings/healing
  • It is necessary to ring Wendy first and organise what it is you would like to do during this session
  • Booking essential cost $180.00NZD

 Aura Photo and Chakra Reading

  • Having an Aura reading is like an emotional and spiritual check up, stress, illnesses, imbalances and blockages can turn into physical problems.
  • I give a reading as well to accompany photo and chakra printout as well as suggestions on how to improve any issues we see. Often spirit shadows can be seen over you these are often your family members in spirit these are quite amazing to witness.
Have you ever had your Aura Photo done ?

Its quite an amazing experience watching the colours of your aura, our camera shows your energy centres as well.

So what type of things can I see from your aura photo

  • a lot about your general health and wellbeing its sort of a spiritual health check up
  • stress shows up in all sorts of ways
  • the colours of your aura say a lot about where you are and where you are going on your life's journey
  • there are certain signs within your aura that indicate lost loved ones in the spirit world being around you, its nice to know that that your family in spirit is still around
  • holes and attachments can also be seen but are reasonably uncommon. These can be remedied
  • if there will be a change in where you are living this shows quite clearly for most people
  •  your state of mind whether you are happy on depressed
  • what energy centres are clogged or energy blocks and the general health of your energy centres
  • energy reserves ie how close are you to burning out?
  • often where your psychic gifts are shows
  • what balance you have in your life
  • how a relationship break up has effected you and how you are healing

What I have noticed that as I do an Aura Reading the chakras enlarge and my healing Angels lovingly work on balancing and healing for you. Its an amazing thing to watch and brings a sense of calm, releasement and peace for the Reading

Do remember that I am a Registered Nurse and if I see things that need medical attention I will be encouraging you to go visit your Doctor


Basic report and reading $25.00 Full report and reading $50.00


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Aura Reading and Healing Session

This is like the best of both worlds
  • You get an Aura Reading and some Reiki/Soul healing
  • Do remember that I am a Registered Nurse and if I see things that need medical attention I will be encouraging you to go visit your Doctor
  • You get to see your Aura before and after the healing to see what a difference the session has made. This is fascinating seeing the changes the healing makes.
  • takes around 30 minutes
  • Booking essential
cost $50NZD




Your palms hold the blue print to your life and past life information 

                                  Find out things like children, relationships, finances, health, travel 
       call into the shop and get yours read

A palm reading is all about you, if you are wanting to know about other people in your life chose the 30 min general reading

Bookings recommended  basic palm cost $20

                                                                                                  takes around 15 to 20  minutes


Past Life Readings

Our souls have experienced many different life times.

If you think of your soul as a car, driving through each life you tend to get a few bumps and dents.

For some people these bumps and dents weren't panel beated before starting this lifetime.

 These dents and bumps can lead to quite serious issues for people (often a karmic life line is seen in the hand of these people) issues can be many and varied.

Some examples of this; maybe a person who repeatedly has the same relationship issues repeating with different people or chronic illness that doesn't respond to medical treatment or remains undiagnosed (things like chronic fatigue mental illness and skin rashes can be examples of this type past life condition)

A past life session can often reveal a lot to you and the challenges you are facing in this life.

Sometimes just the knowledge of the events triggers a huge amount of healing, other times cutting the ties to the past life events can make a huge difference in your life.

If you would like a session please contact Wendy
Cost $90 to $200 NZD booking essential

Spirit Drawings

  • Through meditation I receive Channelled drawings, for further information see the webpage dedicated to these
cost $85NZD


How often should you have a reading?

  • If you have had a palm reading, Aura Reading or 30minute reading and feel you would like more please make and appointment at your convenience.


  • If you have had an hour session and an Aura session I suggest you wait at least 6 weeks, usually I recommend coming back at 3 to 6 month intervals


Times are meant as a guideline only it is entirely up to the individual



What people are saying about their readings

  i type you a letter in grate amazement and or of what you have told me many many years ago i spoke to a lady that was a nurse (Wendy) that told me of my future and was intrigued. i am a few weeks away from my 36 birthday where all my life is meant to fall into place there was a bad brake up that i have been threw that you told me about . my partner tried to hang herself and the separation has been bad the two blond girls you have told me about have come into my life they are both amazing woman and can't wait for the rest to be revealed you told me to save money as i would need a back operation unfortunate but my lower back gets very bad pain wow you have told me a lot you are very good at what you do i will keep you posted thank you again for you reading many years ago thank you and my your angles watch over me xxx

butflanim e0

Hi Wendy, 
You were correct about my husband so I checked him and found BCC on his right shoulder on the scapula area..did biopsy and he is having plastic surgery 1st March to clear the cancer cells away.
Hope you are well as is Pete.
butflanim e0

I came back to New Zealand after first visiting here 6 years ago. On my first visit I was talked into getting a palm reading from Wendy. I was really sceptical, I wasn't sure I believed in all this stuff, but I was willing to give it a go. Wendy had my attention within the first minute, I couldn't believe what she said. After the reading I wrote down as much as I could remember and have kept that bit of paper all these years. Everything she told me has come true! right down to the man with the really hairy chest that would make me laugh a lot, as Wendy told me I'd marry him and I did lol.
Wendy I cant thank you enough.
Selina Canada 

            to find out more information visit Wendy's new website



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