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From Grief to Goddess Healing Cards

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On each of the 21 cards is a sequence of key words designed to trigger an inherent healing response to the old and personal stories that you once believed defined who you were. The intention of the key words is to build the foundations for writing new and productive chapters in your life story - to heal the old wounds created by your old personal stories. Everyone who uses these cards will find their own story within the words. The key words on each of the cards, also, resonate with the 21 meditative healing stories found within the book, 'From Grief to Goddess'. Printed behind the key words is an energetic vortex that, when acknowledged while you read, will lead you to meet your own inner Goddess. She will journey with you via the energetic vortexes, drawing you deep into the meditative power of the words. Pulling energy into its centre while creating movement for your meditations, vortexes are believed to act as portals to other realms of possibility. When you journey via the vortex, you will find yourself going deep within your soul to realise powerful healing of the attachments you have to your old stories that were once your perception of life. In doing so, you will heal your energetic womb and the womb of all creation. The end of my fourteen year relationship could have brought me to my knees had I not known the underlying wisdom that told me our 'soul contract' as a couple was done! In my humanness I grieved; in my inner world I worked with my metaphoric stories in meditation to heal my wounded woman. 'From Grief to Goddess' is my journey into the grief separation provides and the journey to become my own Goddess - flaws and all. FROM GRIEF TO GODDESS is a raw and real journey that takes Jude Garrecht (Downes) on a roller coaster of emotions. Jude is open and honest about how she handled her grief, living in solitude, her weight and self-worth issues, setting new goals as a single middle aged woman and achieving them, her internet dating experiences and ultimately her victorious emergence as a Goddess!


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