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Bagua Mirror Convex

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It is used to deflect negative energy and expand narrow areas.

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Bagua (pronounced ‘bah-gwa’ not ‘bag-gwa’) mirrors are one of best-known feng shui symbols of protection and are often referred to as the ‘aspirin’ of feng shui. In some schools of feng shui it may also be referred to as a ‘Pa Kua.’ Call it what you want … they are one of the easiest and most effective all-round cures that can be used to safeguard your home or business from negative energy forces
Here is all you need to know to properly use a bagua mirror as a feng shui cure:
Whether you consider it a protection spell, a remedy or magical cure, when you place a bagua mirror in your home with intention, you are taking action to protect your home and family or workplace and co-workers from bad luck, sorrow, illness and a myriad of other negative influences.
The use of bagua mirrors is said to date back to the 10th century, but the bagua itself is far older than that. On the face of the bagua mirror you’ll find the same eight Trigrams symbols, as found in the I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes that is used in divination, which is said to have originated more than 200 years BC.
Shape & Colours
The bagua is an octagon (eight-sided) shape, like a traffic stop sign, which is kind of fitting because they ‘stop’ negative energy from coming into your home! The octagon is divided into nine sections called ‘guas’. There is one section in the centre, with eight other sections radiating out from that.  Each section represents a specific energy centre (or area) of your life. Together, the nine guas make up the bagua, which represents balanced and harmonious energy flow. That said, the octagonal-shape of the bagua mirror is important not because it stops traffic but because it emulates harmony and balance.
The frame of a bagua mirror should be made of wood and measure about four to six inches across. They are commonly red and green or black and mustard yellow.
  • Red represents summer, illumination and growth.
  • Green represents spring, creativity and vigour.
  • Gold represents late summer, productivity and success.
  • Black represents winter, power and authority.
The Trigram Symbols of Protection
On the outside edges of the octagonal shape of the bagua mirror there are a series of eight graphics that use variations of three lines. These sacred symbols are called ‘trigrams’ and, as mentioned above, they represent the I-Ching and date back thousands of years. This ancient Chinese arrangement of eight binary symbols is comprised of solid (yang) lines and broken (yin) lines that represents the unity of Heaven and Earth and the blessings that accrue from alignment with natural virtue.
The Trigram symbols are used to energetically protect against and counteract bad luck caused by negative chi (energy) by calling upon the power of the ‘Bagua of the Early Heaven’.
You have to be careful when you purchase a bagua mirror because some of them have the Trigram symbols improperly placed. Regardless of where the manufacturer has attached the hook to hang it up, the trigram for Heaven called Chien (three solid lines) must be at the top and the trigram for Earth called Kun (three broken lines) goes at the bottom.
Three Types of Mirrors
A bagua mirror may have any one of three types of round mirror positioned in the centre the octagon-shaped wooden frame. The flat type of mirror may sometimes be octagon, not round.
A convex mirror curves outward, like the surface of a ball. It is used to deflect negative energy and expand narrow areas. The convex mirror is used on the side of the building from which the worst harm is expected, such as, the side of your home that faces a house where rowdy neighbors live or the side of your business where a large building overshadows your smaller building. Its magical protection reverses or returns back any harmful ‘poisons arrows’ that are sent your way.


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