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Enchanted faerie wishing coins
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set of 7 magical coins

The Dragon coin

Symbol - Fire, Earth, Air, Water.
Faerie characters - How? What? Why? When?
Coin diameter - 4.5cm
Description - A powerful faerie coin to be used for guidance through dreams at night and intuition during the day. To assist with choices on your life path.

How to use the “Dragons Flight” coin -
1. Carry the coin from one Sunday morn to the following Sunday night. This will allow your energy to become one with the coin and vice versa.
2. The following morning offer the coin to the four winds requesting faerie guidance in all areas of your life from that moment on.
3. At noon on the same day, offer the coin to the Sun asking acceptance of the elementals associated with fire and air.
4. That evening when the sun has set, bury the coin in a place that feels special to you so your energies become one with nature. This time ask for guidance in all aspects of your dream life and for the acceptance of the elementals of earth and water.
5. Leave the coin buried overnight and remove at noon the following day. To protect the faerie’s energy and the link between you and the coin it should be cleansed. Holding the coin in your left hand pour fresh rain water over it until it is physically clean.
6. From the hole where the coin was retrieved, plant your favourite flower or herb, and as this grows so your guidance from the faeries becomes stronger.


The Balance coin

Symbol – A triple spiral, representing Mind, Body and Spirit.
Faerie characters – “As I am buried so shall it be. Believe.”
Coin diameter - 4.2cm
Description - This coin is more powerful when used under the influence a waxing moon. Focus on resolving unrest in your heart, soul and mind, or if you wish, cast it for a friend.

How to use the “Balance” coin -
Preferably use under the waxing Moon closest to your date of birth.
1. Firstly, cup the coin in your left hand and empty your mind of all thoughts and just be… Then, when it feels right, place the coin in the other hand and again empty your mind of all thoughts.
2. Holding the coin in both hands, place it against your stomach, hold and release, then repeat over your heart centre and finally on your forehead. By doing this, you are connecting with the faeries on a physical, emotional and mental level.
3 . That evening place the coin under your pillow. As you fall asleep, make your wish for balance and new found strength. It is best to ask the faeries for what is right.
4. The following day go to a place you feel faeries could be and offer your coin in return for the granting of your wish.
5. Bury the coin near the base of an old oak or elder tree for added potency.


The Gift of Gifts coin

Symbol – The woven knot, tying you to all people, places and dreams.
Faerie characters – “The gift of a wish brings joy to all.”
Coin diameter - 3.5cm
Description - This faerie coin is a gift to others, selfless giving and in giving so receiving.

How to use the “Gift of Gifts” coin -
We are all linked on many levels to all things in nature. The faeries know this and so have a magic coin that helps us connect with each other. In giving, we receive and the world becomes a better place. A gift from Fay touches us all.
1. Pick a sunny day, any sunny day that fills your heart with joy.
2. Cup the coin in your hands and thank the faeries for the gift they have bestowed on you. Ask for their blessing to gift your wish to another and then focus on the person you would like to benefit from faerie magic.
3. Then wish!
4. Help will come in many guises, as long as the wish is pure and honest.
5. The coin is then to be given to the recipient of the wish. From now on wherever they are the faerie wish and you will be.

The Wellbeing coin

Symbol – Four links represent the four humours in balance, creating harmony in self and better health.
Faerie characters – “I will heal heart, body, mind and soul.”
Coin diameter - 2.8cm
Description - Without health we have nothing.

How to use the “Wellbeing” coin -
Positive thoughts and energy help when we are ill; so to with the faerie “Wellbeing “coin. The faeries know the power of believing and what can be accomplished as a result of faith. This is a specific wish for harmony within, to balance the trials and troubles we experience in everyday life, whether internally or externally manifested.
1. The first step to healing is to see ourselves already better.
2. Place the coin in the most special place within your home and disturb it not, except on days when energies are low or you feel troubled. Then coin may be held whilst asking for guidance. The faeries will sense you’re troubled and do their best to comfort you.
3. Say this verse four times to the four points of the compass on the first day of each season whilst holding the “Wellbeing” coin between both hands. On hearing this, the faeries are reminded that you still believe and so will keep watch over you.
“As four seasons pass, and the year is done,
So too my life in harmony runs.
Faerie blessings within this coin,
Create wellbeing through toil and joy.”

Faerie Glamour coin


Symbol – Faerie symbol embracing all that is outside the faerie realm and protecting that which is within.
Faerie characters – “Only I, can faeries see.”
Coin diameter - 2.3cm
Description - A coin to gift you the sight of faeries. Faeries are real. To see them it’s not so much where you look, but how you look. The faeries choose you and not the other way round. The wish is simple, yet the gift of sight is the faeries’. They may let you see them, or perhaps, just be aware of their presence.

How to use the “Faerie Glamour” coin -
1. Bury close to your favourite faerie plant on the evening of a full moon and leave undisturbed from one full moon to the next.
2. On removing the coin, leave a small offering – something you feel will please them.
3. Then carry the coin with you always, especially when in woodland, to help see faeries and protect you from faerie pranks.
4. Oh Yes! It also helps to ring a small bell to alert the faeries to the presence of the coin as you bury it, as they like to witness who’s casting this special faerie wish and to see whether or not you are worthy of the gift of sight.

The Inspiration coin

Symbol – Sun, moon and star, held in trine within a six petal flower, symbolising the blossoming of inspiration.
Faerie characters – “Inspired be when I cannot see.”
Coin diameter - 2cm
Description - Inspiration: where does it come from and where does it go? Ask the faeries for they know! They know!

How to use the “Inspiration” coin -
1. In order to see we must open our eyes.
2. So we can hear we must be quiet.
3. Through stillness comes awareness.
4. When the subconscious is set free, the merest ripple becomes a wave.
5. That having been said, clear your mind, relax and cast the inspiration coin into water under the shade of a willow, a tree with faerie spirits known to enhance the imagination and inspire many.
6. Make sure the water surface is calm and the reflection of the tree is mirror perfect. These conditions can best be found early in the day before the air stirs and shadows are longer.
7. Gaze into the water when casting your coin, not at the coins flight. Be aware of the ripples as they glide towards you. The faerie inspiration coin, you and the water are now one.
8. When inspiration is required and all else has failed, relax and reflect on the casting of the coin and the ripples on the waters surface, and as the ripples approach, so comes inspiration.

Deepest Desires coin

Symbol – Four leaf clover imbued with much faerie magic.
Faerie characters – “Desire that which no one can know.”
Coin diameter - 1.9cm
Description - The faeries made but few of these special coins as their purpose was to be known only to the wish owner. The faeries judge not this wish, but grant it based on the character of the caster. Faerie trust should not be compromised.

How to use the “Deepest Desires” coin -
1. The coin is for a secret desire to be shared with no one.
2. It is to be buried deep; the deeper the desire, the deeper the hole.
3. Bury as the Sun is setting to take your energy down into the earth to commune with the wee folk.
4. Be careful what you wish for, especially with this faerie coin, for it may just be granted.
5. Success depends on your true nature and the sincerity with which the wish was conceived.

Enchanted faerie wishing coins

for magic spells and wishes, comes with instructions for use
NZ $40.00

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