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Enticing Candles Collection A Ring in Every Candle

Enticing Candles Collection A Ring in Every Candle

A Ring in Every Candle

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 Every Enticing Candle is designed to make you feel special.

Whether it is excitement for the gorgeous ring hidden inside the wax or the emotions and memories each fragrance evokes.

 The Ring Collection candles are market leaders in fragrance, design and jewellery to ensure you have a great experience each and every time

Enticing Candles are the perfect candles to light while enjoying a good book or relaxing in the bath after a long day
. Every now and then you will find yourself glancing at the candle in anticipation of what ring you might discover.

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Made with the finest soy wax and fragrances
Meg M -296
Rings are valued between $10 and $1000
with one in 10 candles made having a ring worth more than the candles purchase price


disclaimer: we at The Crystal Ball Clinic buy these candles in, so we have no idea on what ring come with what candle. We purchase a random selection from the manufacture


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