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Small Apricot Agate Tumbled Piece
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spiritual lore

Tumbled apricot agate balances yin and yang energies, helping to bring a calmness of mind. Apricot agate is a stone that helps relieve distress when dealing with situations that seem beyond our control. This stone is both powerful and gently protective.

Agate is a stone known to protect relationships, people and objects. It also opens both the Crown and Heart Chakras, connecting spirit and emotion. These tumbled apricot agate stones are remarkable for their grounding and stabilizing energies.

Apricot agate was used by ancient warriors on their armor to give them strength in battle. This stone is also known to deepen bonds between parents and their children. If you’ve been looking for a talisman that will keep you settled, calm, and grounded in a gentle, earthy way, tumbled apricot agate is the offering for you.

Tumbled apricot agate has so many uses. Use in meditation or during spiritual work. It can also be used in one of your crystal grids, or place one anywhere you could use some precious grounding energy and resolute strength.


Small Apricot Agate Tumbled Piece

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