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Truth and Justice Power Affirmation Votive Candle was $10 now $2

NZ $2.00 incl GST

A brilliant blue candle of temple incense quality. The Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood will remind you of our Kyphi World candle.Price is for one votive burns for 10 hours.

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Blessed, Affirmation and Spell Candles


In pursuit of truth and justice we need to be able discern the difference between good and evil, or more perceptively; illusion and reality.

The light of this candle helps you focus on  replacing chaos with peace and harmony.

Let the truth of the situation shine through for all to see.
Blessing: I call on forces higher than I, to awaken the truth that I hold inside. As my mind travels, guide it true; justice is needed for what I am to do. Peace and Harmony shall flow through me, illumination for all to see. I call on thee in perfect Trust and love, sending me revelation from above. Harming none and helping all is how it shall be, this I make true


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