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Laser Tattoo Removal Customer Feedback

I had a Laser removal done in Auckland and there was no change in my tattoo, it was a waste of money. When I came to The Crystal Ball I was impressed by their knowledge so I decided to give it another shot. The whole treatment was really different to the other one they are so professional and it worked!!!! I can see the difference I'm on my 3rd treatment now and its fading nicely. After my experience I recommend them to all my friends and clients.
I'd had several removal treatments on my tattoo from another provider there had been some fading but not what I was hoping for. I have had 2 treatments at the Crystal Ball and lost more ink than all my other treatments combined.
What I like is that they take photos before each treatment so I can see and compare the progress.
I was unemployed when I went for job interviews as soon as they saw my tattoos on my hands and neck I knew I wouldn't get the job. I decided that the tattoos had to go, they were really good at the Crystal Ball and 4 treatments later I got accepted into training as a Social Worker. Thank you so much
I had a tattoo removal done it Auckland and I couldn't see any different and it cost me $300. I saw that Wendy is a Registered Nurse so I came to her. It was way cheaper and I can see the difference already. I'll be coming back for more once its healed.
Its worth travelling,I was really worried about the pain Wendy assured me that she would make the treatment so I could handle it.
I was still worried, Wendy gave me an ice pack before the treatment to numb the area, then she did some test spots and ask me how it was I was able to do the treatment at a lower level than normal. Wendy kept stopping to but ice on it during the treatment for me as well.  I know it will take a couple of treatments more but I know I can do it

After 3 laser sessions my tattoo on my arm has faded to the point I don't notice it anymore. It was well worth it



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