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Starsign gift guide

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March 21 to April 20

Aries enjoy doing things on impulse. New clothes, handbags, jewellery and accessories. Colours like cinnamon, peach, gold and copper are popular.
Candles or incense burners are usually a great present being a fire sign. Water has a wonderful calming effect on Aries so bath products, water features, and crystals have a nice impact. Peppermint also produces a calming effect. Mars rules Aries, most Arians are interested in weapons
Crystals clear quartz, diamond, ruby, and lapis

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April 21 to May 21

Taureans love to be pampered; massage oil, perfume or even gift cert for a facial, massage. Romantic gifts can hit the spot as Taureans like chocolates LED candles nice wine. They also have an eye for art and beauty, especially ones of people and animals. Colour pale pink and blue or earthy shades.
Maybe try a Sensuous X rated gift
Crystals emerald, rose quartz , malachite

May 22 to June 21

Always fussy; they like to stick to their favourites especially clothes, colours like soft yellows, greens and blues or lavender. Being an air sign they are often attracted to mythical winged creatures like dragons and fairies. Dream catchers and good luck charms are popular. Books and gadgets can occupy them for hours. Citrus smelly gifts are popular. Jewellery like rings and bracelets. Smoking equipment like pipes.
Crystals citrine, labradorite, bloodstone

June 22 to July 22

Anything to do with home and family is usually very popular, they are quite house proud in their own way so something beautiful like a water feature, plant or figurine. They like sentimental gifts. Colours like silver, pink, grey; muted blues and green are popular. They like pleasure so massage oil etc can be a treat.
Crystals Moonstone, rose quartz, garnet and crystal

July 23 to 23 August

Often one of the harder signs to buy for …. Very fussy. They like expensive … or something that looks expensive. Colours gold, red, orange and black.
Candleholders are great; oh and did I mention they like BIG gifts too. Prefer Gold more than silver jewellery. So choose something that pampers or flatters them they love to get the attention.
Crystals Peridot, ruby, hematite malachite

August 24 to September 23

Virgos tend to like something that is practical as well as good to look at. They are almost obsessive with hobbies or collections, for the guys; fishing or weaponry, for the girls: clothes, shopping reading. They like to understand the world around them so books interest them. Colours black, sandy earthy tones, and green. They are often interested in spiritual matters, so may be even a deck of tarot cards. . Goddess type or oriental figures can hit the spot.
Crystals quartz, malachite, amethyst , Peridot, topaz

September 24 to October 23

Libra love life so anything that is fashionable is right up their alley. They love to party and socialize; wine, smoking accessories, flasks and glasses. Smoking and drinking games are popular.
Jewellery is often a favourite, and don’t forget playboy products. Labour saving devices are popular.. so they can spend more time relaxing. Romantic or sensual gifts are appreciated. Colours: pastel gentle shades.
Crystals rose quartz, lapis

October 24 to November 22

Scorpios love looking good they have the whole sexy leather and lace attitude but can be a bit shy to wear it. Colours like black, violet and deep red are popular. Anything macabre or occult interests them i.e. skulls dragons, tattoo. Many of the best fortune-tellers are Scorpio so tarot cards or a gift voucher for a reading can hit the spot. Jewellery is popular with both sexes.
For the ladies romantic gifts candles spicy perfume are popular.
Crystals amethyst, moonstone, garnet, ruby

November 23 to December 21

Try something to do with water i.e. a water feature, dragon or a mermaid. Sags are drawn to water even though they are a fire sign. Books and drawing material are popular with most. Ethnic clothing goes down well or maybe a t-shirt with a panther or ethnic design. Most love alcohol so a tankard or cocktail glass suits them. Colours turquoise, royal blue green or purple.
Crystals turquoise, amethyst

December 22 to January 20

Capricorns love to shop! They tend to choose bland colours and need to be encouraged to splash some bright colour into their wardrobe. X rated gifts are popular. They tend to have quite stiff backs so a healing and massage is a great gift. They love fancy looking gifts for there home like mirrors and clocks.
Crystals malachite, Smokey quartz , garnet

January 21 to February 19

These guys love casual clothing jeans t-shirts, Bico jewellery. They like to socialize so smoking and drinking games and puzzles hit the spot. Electrical or battery powered items interest them. Colours like blues and whites.
Mythology and historical gifts are great.
Crystals amethyst, lapis

February 20 to March 20

These sensitive ones like caring gifts, massage oils perfume, bath oil pampering is great for them. They love clothes and shopping. Colours soft blues aqua, pink, soft browns. Try a foot massage works a treat. They are naturally intuitive so crystals tarot cards etc hold a big interest for them. They often are quite stressed so Zen gardens, led candles, mediation tapes are great. Handbags and jewellery are popular. They have a weakness for alcohol and smoking. Crystals topaz, moonstone, rose quartz


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