Past Life Readings

Our souls have experienced many different life times.
If you think of your soul as a car, driving through each life you tend to get a few bumps and dents.

For some people these bumps and dents weren’t panel beaten before starting this lifetime or they chose to bring issues from a past life through into this life time to help solve them 

These dents and bumps can lead to quite serious issues for people
(often a karmic life line is seen in the hand of these people) issues can be many and varied.

Some examples of this:
 maybe a person who repeatedly has the same relationship issues repeating with different people or chronic illness that doesn’t respond to medical treatment or remains undiagnosed (things like chronic fatigue, mental illness and skin rashes can be examples of this type past life condition)
Vows of chasity in another lifetime may impact on fertility in this life time. 

A past life session can often reveal a lot to you and the challenges you are facing in this life.

Healing and cord cutting work can often be done more successfully when the lifetime that caused the trauma is identified.

Connections with your family/partners in this lifetime are often shown in past lives as well  

For those people seeking to increase their spiritual awareness
looking at past lives can help in all sorts of ways.
Bring a deeper understanding of who and what your life purpose is, for me it brought a deeper understanding of who I am in this lifetime.  

Kuan Yin the goddess of mercy and compassion explains past lives as sisters.
Sisters with knowledge and wisdom that can be brought forward into this lifetime to help you be the best version of yourself and fulfill your soul contract for this lifetime. 

Sometimes just the knowledge of the events triggers a huge amount of healing, other times cutting the ties to the past life events can make a huge difference in your life.

I get you to meditate with me, my aim is to gain access to around 5 past lives and bring through as much information as I can. 

Takes about 90mins

Booking Essential and must be prepaid

Cost $175 NZD
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