Sterlization Keeping You Safe

We at The Crystal Ball Clinic take sterilization very seriously
that is why all our piercing and sterilization is done by a Registered Nurse

              Our policy is that tools used during the piercing procedure are sterilized twice between clients in a performance verified autoclave
For the second sterilization the tools are packed in a sterilizing bag, autoclaved and then dated. These packed tools are re sterilized every month to ensure sterility. A pair of scissors is included in every pack with the forceps.
                       This means for every piercing a pack of newly sterilized tools are opened for you
We use cannula needles which are one use and disposed of during the piercing procedure
Cannula needles are 70%  sharper than hollow tipped needles, making the piercing a less painful procedure  

Cannula needles are disposable so there is no risk to the client
disposable needles
Gloves are changed 3 times during the piercing procedure
 Our Autoclave/Sterilizer is performance verified and biologically tested every year
   This testing is done by the same firm that tests Autoclaves for hospitals and GP Clinics

Performance Testing our autoclave means we know that it is performing correctly and keeping you safe

Performance Testing our autoclave yearly compiles with New Zealand and Australian Health and Safety Standards

Our Autoclave receives certification and a sticker each year to show it has passed

20201019 095646-189

Our Autoclave Prints out Sterilization Data for each Sterilization which is signed for by our Registered Nurse

Once the tools have been sterilized in the autoclave our Registered Nurse checks the printout from the Autoclave to see that the correct temperatures and pressures have been reached. The printout is signed and filed in our autoclave log.
The packs of tools are then dated to match the printout date and authorised into use 

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Keeping you safe during an Ear Piercing
Ear lobes piercing are done with an ear piercing gun, our ear piercing gun has detachable disposable tips.
A new sterile set of tips is opened for each client.
A new sterile set of studs is opened for the client 

Ear piercing gun before the tips are applied

ear piercing gun-907

Ear piercing with new sterile tips and sterile ear stud ready to go

ear piercing gun tips-312