After many years working in the main stream health system I became very aware of the limitations of the medical profession and I began seeing clients on a multidimensional level.


Healing in my opinion happens first in the soul, the aura, then the emotional body, and finally the physical body.


Spiritual healing is a wonderful commentary tool when used along side the medical profession 


I have seen the effects of illness and injury penetrate through to the soul, and I have seen illness come through from the soul level through into the physical body.


One instance of this is that of a lady in her sixties for almost a week she had been unstable with chest pains. This lady was assigned to my care as nurse, as a clairvoyant I could see a big dark cloud in her aura and her soul felt traumatized.


I chose a quite time and went and massaged her feet, the gentle healing energy from this was enough for her to release her trauma, she cried and as we talked her chest pain subsided. 


The next day she was feeling so much better the chest pain had gone (since she spoke up and got what was bothering her off her chest) and was discharged with a social worker appointment. This is a great example of working with medical treatment to achieve a good result.


The emotional and soul had healed and the physical manifestation resolved, not every instance is as easy but often working with the soul through healing is so very helpful during medical treatment. 


There should be no conflict with medical treatments, the clients return to good health is the ultimate goal. Never think of replacing your medical care it is important to listen to your Doctors advice.
Reiki is a safe gentle way of helping wellness return 


I combine different methods when healing, I use connection with my Guides and Angels.


They guide me as to what is the best way to work with the client.


The main areas I work in are emotional releasement and soul retrieval.


I work with your soul and aura so there can be healing or resolution in the physical body. It is not a replacement for medical care. Medical care should be continued as your Doctor's advise.


An example of this was a client of mine had a shoulder issue that after 18months hadn't resolved, her doctors had tried all sort of things with no improvement. 


When treating this lady I saw a huge sword sticking out of her shoulder, and was told that in a past life she had met her death through this injury.


An angelic being stepped forward and removed this sword and thrust it into the ground as if to earth and drain  all the energy from this sword. A rainbow of coloured light filled in the hole left by the sword.


When the coloured light stopped an angel stepped forward and with gold thread sutured the wound. My client tells me that her shoulder is improving now and her Doctors are a lot happier with it.


Reiki is a safe effective method of energy healing.


Reiki was introduced mainstream by Dr Mikao Usui, however there is evidence that "reiki" may have been practiced much earlier.


I feel Dr Usui words explain reiki very well ...........


"Each of us has the potential of being given a gift by the divine, which results in the body and soul becoming unified.....

A great many people will experience the blessings of the divine.

Through it the human being will first be made healthy and then the peace of mind and joy will be increased"


My own attunement to Master Reiki was a very powerful and moving experience

The 5 Priniciples of Reiki

Just for today .......... I will not worry
Just for today........... I will not be angry
Just for today.............I will live honestly
Just for today.............I will be kind to everyone
Just for today.............. I will give thanks for my many blessings

Just for today is a really manageable time frame.......................

I often combine Reiki with massage, and acupressure  

Some of the conditions Reiki can help with are: 

*arm problems                             violetbfdragsm.gifvioletbfdragsm.gif
*joint pains
*chakra balancing
*and many others

Reiki Courses

Reiki is divided into three levels of learning
Each process is commenced with an attunement pasted from a Reiki Master

Reiki healing channeled from the divine uses us as instrument for healing, it has its own will; giving what is necessary to where its necessary, it is not up to us to decided what is right. All we need to open to divine energy and trust that what is given.

Reiki One

This is a very moving personal experience; it looks at clearing energy blocks within you. If you think of this as healing the healer

Reiki Two

This builds on healing techniques and improving focus of healing for yourself but also for other people, pets, animals and plants 

Reiki Master

This deep and powerful attunment opens the door to master healing, clairvoyance and crystal healing.

Isis Healing/Psychic Attunement

This is an attunement that builds on the Reiki Master attunement, incorporating ancient healing techniques and clairvoyance.

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