Safety Tips

 Our message is safety first...

 The piercing industry in New Zealand is poorly regulated.

 Just because places are offering a service doesn't't mean the service is up to standard.



You deserve the very best


Hep C lives outside the body for up to 30 days on surfaces, the only sure way to kill the virus is autoclaving.

Before getting pierced we recommend you ask the following

How many times do you change your gloves?

"three" should be the reply

Do you use an autoclave?

instruments, including scissors, should be autoclaved and packed in sterile bags between clients

Does your autoclave have a current service certificate?

this should be renewed once a year and displayed on the autoclave. This is a legal requirement

Do you use disposal needles ?

yes, what isn't autoclaved is one use and disposed of after each client

Do you pierce noses with a gun or needle?

a needle only, guns cannot be autoclaved and should never be used on noses. The risk of hep c or staph infections is huge

All these are in accordance with the Health Department Guidelines for safe piercing

For further information contact the Ministry of Health

or for safety tips