Microdermal anchors

Microdermal implants

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Jewelled Mircodermal Eye

Microdermal implants or dermal anchors are one of  the latest piercing trends. They are often referred to as a single point piercing.

The anchors are implanted under the skin with only one entry point, and with skill can be placed, to enhance tattoos, and virtually anywhere on the body.

Unlike the normal surface piercings which have a rejection rate of over 80%, dermal anchor rejection rates are as low as 2 % thus making them a much safer and more permanent alternative.

To avoid problems with metal allergies and possible rejection issues anchor inserts should be of high grade titanium, surgical steel is considered unacceptable.

Most anchors have tiny holes in the foot part for body tissue to grow around and become stable and more permanent, this makes removal a little more difficult.

There can be some scarring left by removal so think carefully before proceeding with the piercing.

If you are considering removing your anchor at some stage in the future there are anchors with solid feet that can be used instead.

We use numbing creams to minimize any pain, the anchors are inserted with a minimum of trauma, any redness, swelling and bruising (uncommon) resolves very quickly.

Healing differs a little from person to person and the site of the piercing. Healing times are quicker than for most piercings and after a week or two they are well settled. Complete healing times 3 to 6 months.

Problems are uncommon, catching them during the healing phase appears to be the most common, care is needed over the first week or two to avoid this.

 Good placement by the piercer can often minimize this. Steri strips may cut down the risks.
Infections are always a risk with any piercing that is why it is important that you choose an experienced piercer with good anatomy knowledge and techniques.

Microdermal anchors

Newly done dermal anchor in wolfs eye




after anchors inserted in the dolphins eyes





freshly done



5 days later



freshly done dermal adding sparkle to a tattoo


These dermal anchors were pierced 5 years ago and still going strong


New Dermal anchors 6 weeks after piercing
WIN 20151216 102349-51

WIN 20151216 102353-219

Freshly done dermal piercing

WIN 20160303 150451-320