Before Getting a Piercing

Things to think about and do before getting a piercing
Keeping Yourself Safe
Check out the studio first, TWO of the best questions to ask is
"how many times do you change your gloves during the piercing procedure ?" (for piercing apart from ear lobes it should be three )
"Is your autoclave performance checked each year?"  (each cycle should be monitored and logged but once a year an autoclave/sterilizer should be professionally checked)
You need to be 16 or over to sign the consent form.  
If you are under 16 you do need parental consent or consent from a legal Guardian.

Type of Piercing  
Think about your school rules and what your employers rules are before getting a piercing. (this can save you money and a lot of stress in the long run )
If you are seeking employment our advice is to wait until you get your job and then check what is allowed.

Where or What Side Do You Want Your Piercing On

Don't get a piercing in a hurry, do think about it

Take a pen or get a stick on jewel and look at where you want your piercing, this helps you decide whether you are going to like your piercing and what side you want the piercing on


Eat Before Getting Your Piercing

Especially if you are getting an oral piercing.

Usually you are a little nervous before you get pierced but once you have been pierced you can feel a little faint with all that extra adrenaline the nerves have caused. Having eaten tops up the blood sugar levels helping the body disperse the adrenaline and nervous feeling.


If you have an Infected Piercing or Skin Infection

Wait until you have cleared up any infections before you get pierced.

Infections can be easily transferred to new piercings by hands or laying on the same bedding where an infected sore has been in.

If you have a head cold/flu wait to get your piercing especially if its a nose piercing

If you have a throat infection getting your mouth/tongue piercings is not advised.

Remember if you have one infected piercing wash you hands well before cleaning your piercings and clean the infected one last  . Then wash your hands again. hand sterilizing products are recommended

Piercings reflect your general health if you are tired and run down your piercings will take longer to heal.


Avoid Alcohol Before Getting Pierced

A glass of wine with dinner is fine, but going out with the gang partying till the morning hours and drinking large amounts isn't a good idea before getting pierced.

Alcohol thins your blood causing more bleeding and bruising to the area around your piercing. This increases the risk of pain swelling and infection.
We think of your well being first.

Clients presenting smelling of alcohol or intoxicated will not be pierced.