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Dealing with Grief

Grief after losing someone you love whether they be a person or a pet is a very individual process.

For some people the pain passes quickly for others it takes years.

Recovery and healing is all about finding peace again; it takes time, dont let well meaning people push you into things before you are ready.

Unfortunately a death in the family will often bring out the worst in people, causing greed and disaggreements. 

Often a reading will provide support and comfort for you.

See someone you are comfortable with, this will often give you the opporunity to talk about your feelings.

Grief counselling can also help; its about finding what helps you.

Wendy recommends a book called How to Heal a Grieving Heart  By Doreen Virtue and James Van Pragg this can be purchased through the book section in the website

The stages of grief


The grieving process is  very complex, everybody goes through different stages at different times.

The CD Helping Your Loved One Pass Over is focused on helping with grief.

Grief is made up of different components ie



The loss of not being able to touch or feel the deceased loved one



Not believing or wanting to believe the deceased has pasted on.
Expecting them to walk in the door like nothing has happened



Comes in many forms
That they didn't say something or do something.
That the client wasn't there when they died.
That they survived
That there was a fight or argument before the loved one died.
Thinking it was your fault.
That they failed to do something like sign papers
That they had something to do with loved ones death ie abortion.



 This is often an uncomfortable emotion
Blame is often placed in all sorts of areas during this time
That the loved one isn't here for a special occasion
That they left the client will money worries
Addictive behaviours ie overeating may occur



Fear of being alone
Fear of connecting with loved one
Fear of seeing a ghost
Fear of what now?
Fear of letting go


Why did you have to go
Why didn't you stay with me


Feeling as through there is nothing you can do


The client admits their feelings and heals, often this will enable them to sense or feel their loved ones presence.

This is the stage where peace takes the place of pain  


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