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What people are saying about Wendy's readings


I had a reading yesterday from Wendy, I had to ask he if she had been following me around she knew so much about my sore back, my tyre that needed replacing, the bulb that had gone in my headlight and heaps of other stuff.

She just laughed and told me that my Nana was around a lot looking after me





I had wanted a reading for some time, and several recommendations led me to Wendy at The Crystal Ball Clinic in Thames.

I was excited to hear what would come through for me, hoping to be given direction in several matters, and Wendy did not disappoint.

As I hoped, there were messages of reassurance from loved ones, who she clearly identified, but it was those minor details that she could not possibly have know that really blew me away.

She picked up on everything from a burnt pot the night before, to a packet of marshmallows that I had received as a joke present that morning.

I was able to come away laughing and smiling, but also with a great feeling of comfort knowing that my family in spirit are still very much around me and part of my life.

Thank you Wendy – I look forward to our next session.





When the same patterns emerge in life that lead to an eventual downfall in any situation, you try to make the necessary changes to find that winning formula.

But for me, no matter how positive I was in my approach, I could never break the cycle, and always ended up feeling confused and irritated at the outcome.

When Wendy suggested a past life regression, I jumped at the chance to see if my problems were in fact the result of an incident or event that I had carried with me from a previous life.

Through meditation I discovered a life I never knew I had lived.
Under Wendy’s guidance I was able to regress to the exact time and event in the past that would impact me so greatly coming forward.
Suddenly everything in my present life made perfect sense. It was all so clear to me, and to finally be able to say “So that’s the reason why” took 30 years of confusion away.

Our next step was to re-script, which basically meant that through another meditation under Wendy’s guidance I regressed back to the start of the impacting event, and rewrote the outcome as I would wish it to be.

It is completely empowering to have control after 30 years.

Life is no longer ‘groundhog day’ - it’s an amazing adventure, and I now look ahead with excitement instead of doubt.

JF Coromandel



I came back to New Zealand after first visiting here 6 years ago. On my first visit I was talked into getting a palm reading from Wendy. I was really sceptical, I wasn't sure I believed in all this stuff, but I was willing to give it a go.

Wendy had my attention within the first minute, I couldn't believe what she said. After the reading I wrote down as much as I could remember and have kept that bit of paper all these years.

Everything she told me has come true! Right down to the man with the really hairy chest that would make me laugh a lot, as Wendy told me I'd marry him and I did lol.

Wendy I can’t thank you enough.