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Wendy's Reading Journey


I have been reading for clients professionally for over 30 years

As my astrological birth chart implies I am the perpetual student, as my thirst for knowledge never seems to be quenched 

My aim is to bring messages from spirit to comfort, heal and enhance the lives
of others through my spiritual work.


Who do I work with in the Spirit Realm?

I get asked this often, we are surrounded by Angels, Spirit Guides, and your family that have passed over.
It is usually a combination of these beings that are used to bring through loving guidance to help and heal you along life's journey.

I communicate with your loving spirit guides, angels and family, messages are passed with love and respect, but I also like to connect with your soul and the energy that surrounds you

I am both a psychic and a medium 

A psychic connects with your soul and guides to tell the past present and future

A medium is able to connect with those in the spirit world 

I blend both the psychic and medium together when I read its about bringing through as much loving and helpful information
as I can for my clients 

Wendy now has her own website


My childhood visions of the spirit world lead to a life long fascination with anything magical, angelic and psychic.

Healing people was always something that captured my passion so when I left school I trained and worked as a registered nurse for 22 years comforting and helping people heal.

In my late 20's I began focusing on developing my natural gifts more and started training with an English medium who had trained at White Eagle Lodge.
This amazing lady worked with me for two years laying down the foundations of my spiritual work.

Find out more about White Eagles teachings


Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Certification
2017 and 2018

Over the last two years I have trained with the Lisa Williams School of Spiritual Development
Under Lisa guidance and Linda Usope's mentorship I have achieved certification
in both Psychic and Advanced Psychic and Mediumship


Forensic Mediumship Certification


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Wendy, Lisa Williams, Linda Usope, Sandi

Under Lisa and Linda's guidance I have completed forensic mediumship training in 2018 


Certified Meditation Teacher Natura Institute  2018

Meditation is such and important part of spiritual development

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 Kylie Gray is also known as the angel guy, this amazing course is all about connecting with the angels 



Astrological Forecasting 2020

astrological birth charts and predicting the future using the planets in combination 



I am a Doreen Virtue certified Angel Intuitive graduate from 2007 and am so grateful of the connection I have with the angels 


Mediumship Certification  2010

As my talents developed I realized what a big difference this can make in someone's life by passing messages on from the spirit world.

I began focusing on medium work ( bringing messages through from deceased loved ones) and combine this with my readings.

I have completed my medium ship training with Dr Doreen Virtue PHD

This training has opened up a lot for me both as a person and professionally.


Certified Angel Card Reader

I have also completed Angel and Angel tarot card reading courses,( both the certification and advanced courses) with Doreen Virtue in order to help people learn skills to read for themselves and others



I have always had an interest in crystals
I have certified Crystal Reader by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukosmki,
if you have questions regarding crystals please ask.



Past life /Quantum Physics  

I have attended Sandra Anne Taylors course, on this very interesting subject and do a lot of past life readings

International Reiki Master 2005


I am an International Reiki Master and Teacher. Reiki attunements and sessions can be booked either in person or by distance.
I offer healing sessions using reiki, cleansing and cord cutting combined with past life karma releasing.

Advanced Colour and Light Certification 2013


Forensic Psychic Work
I do have an interest in forensic psychic work, and volunteered at Findme for a couple of years

Findme is A volunteer organization dedicated to helping find missing people around the world. Psychics from all around the world volunteer their time to work together to help families find their missing loved ones. There is an interesting article in The New Zealand Woman's Day January 8th 2012.

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